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Inria strengthens its cooperation with Taiwan

© Inria / Photo G.Scagnelli

Taiwan and France will work together on the Internet of Things where many applications offer significant opportunities for collaboration and transfer.

A framework agreement of cooperation was signed on Friday 12 September 2014 at Inria’s premises in Paris along with Taiwan’s Vice-Minister of Economy, Mr. Jong-Chin Shen, Taipei's representative in France, Michel Ching-Long Lu, the Deputy Director General of the Institute for Information Industry (III) of Taiwan, Mr. Pao-Chung Ho, and the Deputy Director General of Inria, Antoine Petit. There was also a 25-person Taiwanese delegation, made up of members of research institutes and manufacturers.


© Inria / Photo G.Scagnelli

Taiwan wants to strengthen bilateral trade with France and their proposals are full of opportunities for cooperation and transfer. The Internet of Things (the connection of everyday objects to the Internet and with one another), among other collaboration themes that could take place within the framework of this agreement, is perceived by Taiwanese industry as a particularly fast-growing market. Many Taiwanese high-tech companies seek to position themselves in this niche.

This agreement will allow Inria’s teams to set up collaborations with Taiwanese teams from the III, supported by the Taiwanese Ministry of Economy. It is also part of the Inria’s participation in the Equipex FIT (“Future Internet of Things”): a supplementary agreement signed between Taiwan and the OneLab consortium, at UPMC, for excellent equipment. These agreements aim to promote both partners’ technologies, by leveraging existing research and development capacities in France and Taiwan.

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