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Massive Open Online Courses

CD - 15/07/2014

Inria MoocLab opens up new research topics

MoocLab was established by Inria in May 2013 with the aim of coordinating the activities of Inria and those partners wishing to join it in the field of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). These new digital social entities are still at the experimental stage, but they are poised to enter a period of rapid growth.

For over a year, Inria has been participating in the deployment of MOOCs in France, notably through the French Digital University (France Université Numérique - FUN), the first French national MOOCs platform. The FUN initiative is unique in Europe, and it has proved extremely popular, with 300,000 students and learners of all ages having enrolled by June this year.

A new generation of digital universities

FUN has adopted a version of the OpenEdX platform created by MIT and Harvard University that has been specially adapted by the Inria MoocLab, in collaboration with its partners, CInes and Renater. The researchers and engineers based at MoocLab have made full use of their expertise in digital science and technology in the design of this innovative platform, and in the creation of courses offering students a quality learning experience.
The long standing involvement of the Institute with digital universities in the Fuschia programme and the UTOP project has constituted a solid foundation for its current work on MOOCs.

MMI, Data and MOOCs: Research topics

The establishment of MoocLab has enabled Inria to extend its research activities to address problems in a number of emerging fields. These include:

  • Massification of the connection process.
  • Student authentication.
  • Delivery of the courses.
  • Assessment  (from the automatic correction of exercises to the personalisation of the curriculum).
  • Certification of courses delivered online.

At the same time, learning processes and the relationships between learners are undergoing radical development, offering new openings for work on man-machine interactions and data processing techniques.
In offering a credible alternative to existing platforms while taking an ethical approach to the use of data generated by the courses, Inria finds itself in an ideal position to address the problems of pedagogic engineering through experimentation, and to develop the platform through the use of tools created during the research.

Inria Moocs

New course : "Python : des fondamentaux à l'utilisation du langage ", by Arnaud Legout and Thierry Parmentelat, from November 3 to December 21, 2014 : Sign up

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