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CD - 31/01/2013

Inria is supporting Satelor, the Lorraine-based e-health project on home healthcare

Francois Charpillet Francois Charpillet - photo P Caron

François Charpillet's MAIA project team is using its research results for the development of new services to improve the safety of mobility-impaired people and victims of chronic illnesses in their homes.

The Satelor project aims to develop and market technical solutions to improve the safety of home healthcare for the sick and elderly. Satelor brings together research laboratories, industrial firms, innovative start-ups and medical institutions to work with the Nancy-based group Pharmagest , the French market leader in medicinal computing solutions.

One of the research laboratories involved is MAIA, the Inria Nancy project team led by François Charpillet , which works on smart apartments. "Inria has been working for three or four years on the subject of assistance for mobility-impaired elderly people, in particular analysing the vulnerability of elderly people in their homes and helping them to be more mobile, " says François Charpillet. "As part of the Satelor programme, we're going to try to turn this research into one or more products that Pharmagest can roll out in apartments. The number one challenge is to be capable of producing low-cost products which use limited computing capacity that can reasonably be installed in homes.  "

The technical solutions developed under the Satelor programme will make it possible to integrate:

  • self-measurement devices already on the market (blood pressure meter, blood sugar reader);
  • connected medical devices (electronic pill dispensers, CPAP – Continuous Positive Airway Pressure);
  • specially developed innovative monitoring devices;

The data produced by these devices will be analysed by expert systems which may correlate the parameters and send qualified alerts. The program developed by the Maia team can be used, for example, to recognise a person's activities, detect their movements and interpret accidents such as falls, in order to be able to alert the resident's family, carers and healthcare professionals.

As part of the Satelor project, Inria has signed an agreement worth nearly €900,000 with the Lorraine Region. Total investment in the project over three years is estimated at 4.7 million euros, including 2.5 million euros from European funds.


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