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50 years

AB - 1/06/2017

#50yearsInria : follow our innovations throughout the year on our special website !

For our jubilee, we want to think about the scientific, technological, ethical and philosophical issues ! Read us all along 2017 on #50yearsInria !

#50yearsInria opens its pages to the people who made Inria and takes a look at our digital future. On the site you'll find a survey of the current scientific scene, strategic foresight articles, first-hand accounts of the "digital world in 1967" and conjectures about the digital world in 2067... Inria yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Throughout 2017, the #50yearsInria site will feature quotes and interviews with researchers who, with their project teams, were involved in long-term research and in the landmark innovations of the last 50 years. The site will also present wide-ranging, international career paths, from Rocquencourt to Palo Alto and from the feverish activity of the Cyclades project to the revolutions at Apple.

At Inria, the digital world is also open to the arts, social debate and multidisciplinary challenges: drawings, photos, articles and more... reflection and strategic foresight come in many forms. What will the digital world look like in 2067? Throughout this anniversary year and beyond, #50yearsInria will continue to present new answers as they emerge.

Keywords: Digital world Prospect 50years