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AB - 28/06/2016

Inria presents a selection of its technologies at the Teratec forum 2016

The 11th edition of the TERATEC Forum will take place on 28th and 29th June 2016 on the Ecole Polytechnique campus. Inria will be presenting a selection of innovative technologies and will partner the European Research Café, which aims to spotlight European research projects and initiatives in the fields of numerical simulation, HPC and Big Data.

In attracting more than 1200 professionals, the TERATEC Forum illustrates the technological and industrial dynamism behind HPC and the important role that France plays in this field. Participation by and first-hand accounts from major industrial firms, presentations by leading technology companies in the field, the diversity and high-level of the technical workshops, the representativeness of the exhibitors and the innovative nature of the offerings presented all go to make this an essential event for professionals in the field of high-performance numerical design and simulation.

On this occasion, Inria will present a selection of its best technologies related to HPC and simulation:

  • Simgrid : a tool dedicated to the simulation of parallel applications used to detect sources of anomalies and inefficiencies in a complex distributed environment, but also to correctly predict resolution times for critical distributed applications, or manage design problems in hardware/software architectures.
  • Damaris, a middleware for managing inputs/outputs and in-situ display, for applications with heavy file system workload (bottlenecks, crashes, performance fluctuations) running on very large scale multi-core HPC platforms (hundreds of thousands of cores) and used to speed up the data analysis phases, eliminate information transfer times for post-processing, etc.
  • MUMPS Consortium: a consortium built around the MUMPS software, a benchmark solver for sparse linear systems derived from the numerical simulation world, combining numerical robustness, parallelism and large processing capacity, while minimising resolution times and consumption of computing resources. The consortium was set up by Inria, INPT, CERFACS, ENS Lyon and Bordeaux University and comprises 8 industrial members.
  • StarPU: programming environment for efficient use of heterogeneous multi-core, parallel architectures enabling programmers to focus on their algorithms while ensuring efficient use of the various processors/accelerators and minimising data movements between the various memories.

Finally, this year, Inria partners the European Research Café, a new space dedicated to European research projects and initiatives in the fields of numerical simulation, HPC and Big Data. Its goal is to promote these projects by encouraging exchanges and synergy with the participants in the Teratec Forum from the industrial, technological, academic and professional media worlds.

Keywords: Teratec MUMPS Damaris Simgrid StarPu HPC Simulation