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Géraldine Clermont - 3/11/2010

ICST Algeria: extension of the call for submissions

STIC Algérie réunion

The first call for submissions of projects for the ICST Algeria programme (Information and Communication Science and Technology) has been extended to November 30th 2010. This follows a call for projects launched in June 2010 by Inria and the Algerian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Initiated by these two entities, the ICST Algeria programme should help develop and reinforce ties between researchers on either side of the  Mediterranean&nbsp in information and communication science and technology (ICST) and applied mathematics.

Just a few years after Tunisia, Algeria is launching its own ICST programme with Inria. Signed on April 1st 2010, this is the first bilateral agreement between Inria and Algerian universities. Its objective? To promote the emergence of new partnerships, reinforce cooperation between Algerian and French researchers and develop even further "degree programme" research.

For Mokhtar Sellamin, an expert in national research projects for the Algerian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, " science serves as the basis for the development of a society founded on knowledge and skill. Therefore, Algeria needs to encourage the creation and emergence of teams working in partnership with cutting-edge scientific institutes.  "

In addition to stronger ties between researchers, the programme offers scientists the financial means to carry out their projects. Furthermore, "knowledge requires mobility  " adds Mokhtar Sellami. " Mobility is indeed very important in order to reinforce the work of our teams and establish direct links with French researchers. "

Finally, "   ICST Algeria encourages the creation of mixed teams working on complementary programmes for Inria and Algerian research. This will allow us to develop each team's potential and  use all the possibilities of  our facilities and infrastructures " explains the Algerian expert.

Keywords: Bilateral agreement ICST-Algeria Mokhtar Sellami ICST International relations Africa