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DCOM - 5/06/2019

FUTUR.E.S - The festival celebrating sustainable digital innovation

For 10 years now, FUTUR.E.S has been one of the main events on the tech scene in France, and in Europe more generally. Our researchers will attend conferences on health, disabilities and data security. On top of all of that, the demos space will be the setting for the launch of the AGILIS project, a neuroprosthesis designed to help people who have been paralysed regain their mobility, while the Inria Expo will look back on the story of the digital revolution. 

Inria at FUTUR.E.S 2019

Inria has been a partner of FUTUR.E.S from the very beginning. The programme to be presented by Inria at this year’s event is a perfect illustration of the institute’s desire to stimulate and support research topics and innovations capable of revolutionising and supporting the digital transformation of society, whether in health, disabilities or data protection.

Having been a pioneer in digital science and technology for more than 50 years, Inria will also present an overview of the Inria Expo, looking back at the history of computing. Inria will be at a number of demos, conferences and masterclasses during this event:

Digital technology for health

The AGILIS project is designed to restore the ability to grip among people suffering from tetraplegia. A single multi-contact stimulation electrode implanted around a nerve activates the contraction of various muscles, allowing the paralysed hand to perform different gripping tasks. AGILIS is a European Research Project from the CAMIN project team at the Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée research centre, in collaboration with L’Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris, l’hôpital de La Châtaigneraie, Heidelberg University and the start-up Neurinnov. This project received funding from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) under the terms of grant agreement n°19340. This European body is supported by the research and innovation programme Horizon 2020.

  • Master class: “Can neuroprosthetics get the world moving? , at Mobilier National - Galerie des Gobelins, with Christine Azevedo, research director and head of the CAMIN project team. In this master class, Christine Azevedo will present the origins of the AGILIS project. She will be assisted by David Guiraud and Charles Fattal, doctor and director of La Châtaigneraie hospital. 
  • Conference: “Will there be a Cambridge Analytica for our health data? at Mobilier National - Galerie des Gobelins, with Cédric Lauradoux, a researcher within the PRIVATICS project team. Our health data will soon be used on a daily basis in medicine and healthcare. This sensitive data, which can be found in your medical records, is collected by applications or even by connected objects, and is supposed to be protected against any malevolent use. But how effective is this protection?

Into the digital history

  • Conference: “Les Tontons du net ”, at Mobilier National - Galerie des Gobelins, with Michel Gien, Najah Naffah, Jean-Louis Grangé and Axelle Lemaire, former Secretary of State for Digital Affairs. 30 years after the creation of the world wide web, and 50 years after the creation of the ARPANET, a precursor to the internet, scientists and analysts will be at Futur.e.s to share their thoughts on this invention that changed the world. 
  • The Inria Expo and the Inria Foundation

The Inria Expo takes a look back at the history of computing and the digital revolution, in which Inria played a major role, exploring the first computers, networks, the birth of the internet, the web and AI. Learn the story of the Voluceau website and the evolution of Inria’s office equipment, which has seen first-hand the work carried out by the institute’s researchers, many of whom have gone down in computing history. The Inria Expo was awarded the “Prix d’appui à la recherche” (Research support prize) in December 2018 and is in step with the work of the Inria Foundation, the aim of which is to support initiatives designed to give meaning to digital technology.

The Inria Foundation supports anyone looking to give meaning to digital technology and to take action, within Inria and its ecosystem of partners, geared towards digital transformation in the context of a sustainable, supportive and civic society. Further information can be found on the Inria Foundation website. 

The future is at your fingertips with FUTUR.E.S!

On 13th & 14th June 2019, as part of an event that is free and open to everyone, Futur.e.s what was formerly known as Futur en Seine will open its doors in an extraordinary setting, la Galerie des Gobelins – Mobilier National, bringing visitors closer to the very best in digital and sustainable innovation, giving them the chance to explore different possible futures together and acting as a mouthpiece for digital plurality. With this being a special anniversary edition, the focus will very much be on the festival spirit, with outdoor networking drinks receptions, artistic performances, DJ sets, awards ceremonies and parties all showing another side to innovation.

Created by Cap Digital, Futur.e.s speaks up for an entire ecosystem committed to innovation in the interests of society, people and the environment.. The start-ups, manufacturers, universities, schools, designers and artists at the heart of this group all share a common vision. Digital brings with it new models capable of building a more open and inclusive society, providing answers to the major issues currently facing us.

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