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Laurence Hermant - 7/02/2013

Fing and Inria pool their skills to better understand how our digital society is changing

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Philippe Lemoine, Chairman of Fing, and Michel Cosnard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Inria, have today signed a partnership agreement on "Outlook, digital sciences and society". Its aims: to collaborate on field actions and research work to meet the challenges of the digital society of tomorrow.

Inria researchers have for many years been involved in ANR and European projects together with Fing: Autograph and Datalift  alongside the Edelweiss and Exmo teams, ELLIOT with the Axis team.

Fing and Inria have today reinforced their collaboration and their desire to work together to define how computational sciences are shaping the world of tomorrow. Predicting change, identifying strategic challenges and orienting the research activities and innovation at Inria, are just some of the aims of this partnership.

Inria will therefore be continuing the forward-looking research embarked on throughout 2012, in order to produce the Inria strategic plan for 2013-2017. It will be consolidating its policy of transparency and collaboration with major names from civil society and researchers from other disciplines, in particular human and social sciences. The institute has reconfirmed its wish to be a part of the discussions underway into the digital society and its evolution, a subject that forms the very DNA of the website, a platform for discussion and debate on digital civilisation.
Specifically, Inria will be working alongside Fing in several areas:

  • Researcher participation in the proposed "Digital Questions" workshops: identifying topics, speaking at the workshops, providing feedback on the discussions
  • Joint organisation of the "Research Connector" events which bring together researchers from various disciplines with names from the professional world and the Lift France conference, an annual conference on innovation, creativity, technology and society.
  • Coordination of their regional innovation ecosystems

From today, the partners will be setting up think tanks and getting down to identifying the major issues relating to the transformation of our future and are drawing up a joint action plan for 2013.

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