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Entrepreneurs of the future: from research to business creation

The "Inria entrepreneurs of the future" are being exhibited on the railings of the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research from 14 June to 7 July 2016. Come and discover - or rediscover - the photo exhibition!

The "Entrepreneurs of the future" exhibition, to mark the 30th anniversary of Inria's business creation in 2015, shows, in pictures, the entrepreneurial dynamism of Inria researchers seeking to transform their research findings into concrete innovations that are of immediate benefit to society. This exhibition implicitly reminds us of the central role played by the creation of innovative companies in the institute's technology and expertise transfer policy.
The series brings together portraits of researchers and engineers who have embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure, whatever the status of their project (idea, beginning, first steps...) and the area of application of their technology (health, software engineering, transport...).   

The pictures were taken by the photographer Éric Garault . Examining man's place in his environment, he is particularly fond of discovering and understanding the world around him, through the eyes of a portraitist and reporter.

From 14 June to 7 July 2016, these 17 "Entrepreneurs of the future" portraits will be exhibited on the railings of the Ministry for Higher Education and Research, 1 rue Descartes, Paris Ve. They are awaiting your visit!

  • Gaël Varoquaux – project team PARIETAL « Data in order to understand and act »

  • Vicente Milanes Montero – project team RITS « Succeeding in improving traffic flow whilst guaranteeing security »

  • OHS : Hugo Talbot - project team MIMESIS « Reproducing what is happening in patients' bodies using calculus »

  • Inalve : Hubert Bonnefond – project team BIOCORE « Algae to tackle the protein shortage »

  • Alerion : Laurent Ciarletta and Adrien Guenard – project team MADYNES « Solutions from and for drones »

  • Anatoscope : François Faure – project team IMAGINE « Seeing exactly how our organs, vessels, muscles and bodies work thanks to 3D anatomical modelling »

  • Engineson : Yvan Le Bras, Thomas Darde and François Moreews – project team GENSCALE « In life sciences, there are major data analysis requirements linked to scaling-up issues »

  • Nénuphar : Olivier Saut, Marie Martin, Thierry Colin and Julien Juganous – project team MONC « Modelling cancer in order to assess the aggressiveness of a tumour »

  • Euthénia : Ting Wang and Bernard Senach – project team HEPHAÏSTOS « A smart walking frame: a digital solution for independence and home care »

  • Deepomatic : Vincent Delaitre – project team WILLOW « An exploratory dive into images »

  • Pixyl : Senan Doyle, Florence Forbes and Michel Dojat – project team MISTIS « Contributing to a better understanding and care of brain pathologies »

  • Taler : Christian Grothoff – project team DECENTRALISÉ « Together, communists and anarchists are a creating a bank in order to save capitalism and governments »

  • PTraces : Gregory Grefenstette – project team TAO « A private diary to claim ownership of, enrich and relive one's digital life »

  • Mediego : Anne-Marie Kermarrec – project team ASAP « Years of research in order to democratise the personalisation of browsing on the Net »

  • Spoonware : Martin Monperrus and Nicolas Petitprez – project team SPIRALS « A first aid kit for mobile application bugs »

  • HomeAttendant : Hélène Sauzéon, Benjamin Bertran and Charles Consel – project team PHOENIX « A digital assistant to preserve social links, supervise everyday activities and reassure people in their homes »

  • Crowdify : Romain Rouvoy and Christophe Ribeiro – project team SPIRALS « Facilitating the collection and analysis of data from mobile device sensors »

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