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mdv - 24/03/2015

Discovery weekend: come and build a robot!

Poppy's construction

On the 4th and 5th of April 2015, six scientific culture centres invite you to join in and help build Poppy, Inria's little open source robot.

What is a robot? How does it work? How is it made? What does it do? Can we touch it? If you have ever wondered any of these things, now is the time to come and find out the answers for yourself.

Six scientific culture centres, in Bordeaux, Grenoble, Paris, Caen, Toulouse, and Rennes, invite you to participate in building a Poppy. This little 3D-printed robot was born in the Flowers team of the Inria Bordeaux centre. On Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th April, six of them will be created simultaneously by teams of volunteers.

The programme includes: construction, programming, use, personalisation, etc. Whether you are just curious, a beginner, or a committed enthusiast, there is a place for you alongside the mediators during this festive and collaborative event. The aim: to learn about Poppy and have fun! The six sites will communicate with each other throughout the two days, to discuss the operation of robots and their place in society.

Keywords: #roborinm FLOWERS Poppy Scientific mediation Robotics