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Castor Contest

AB - 16/12/2015

Results of the Castor Informatique contest announced !

Concours Castor 2015 © Patricia Stin, Collège Pierre et Marie Curie de Neufchateau

This international contest was set up to promote computing and digital science to as wide an audience of young people as possible, through fun activities such as solving riddles, taking part in challenges and playing logic games. Unlike an introduction to computer programming, the contest aims to show young boys and girls that computing is a science as well as a technology.

At European level, the Bebras contest, of which Castor Informatique is the French branch, has received recognition as an outstanding initiative for introducing children to Computer Science. Valentina Dagiene, Professor of Computer Science in Lithuania and founder of the Brebas contest, and Wolfgang Pohl, who coordinates the German contest, were awarded the Informatics Europe Best Practices in Education Award in Vienna in October 2015. 

In France, the contest is organised each year by France IOI, ENS Cachan and Inria. In particular, Inria researchers are involved and the Institute supports the national commission for the promotion of scientific culture.

This year, over 345,000 participants at nearly 2,300 schools learned about the principles of computing as they worked to solve the interactive exercises. The number of students taking part has risen, in all categories, and almost half are girls. Most of the participants are lower secondary school students, and most of them were UK Year 7 level (age 11-12). This year, though, 16,000 primary school students (Years 5 and 6) also took part.

Keywords: Algorithm Educational actions Pedagogy