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An Inria startup Inria in Station F

Case Law Analytics, an Inria startup, is one of the seven businesses to join the “Microsoft AI Factory” programme – the Microsoft incubator in Station F – in September.

Microsoft France, which has partnered innovation in the French ecosystem for more than 30 years, has undertaken to Station F to foster the emergence of French Artificial Intelligence leaders within the Microsoft AI Factory. As a result, the seven young businesses will benefit from the “Microsoft AI Factory” programme within Station F from this September onwards. This special support for startups includes assistance from Microsoft and Inria researchers, mentorship within tightly-knit groups, a year of hosting within Station F’s Microsoft space and advice on promoting and marketing their solutions, as well as other benefits. These seven true “pathfinder” startups will form the heart of the community that Microsoft wishes to develop around the theme of Artificial Intelligence.

These seven businesses include Case Law Analytics, a brand-new Inria startup from the Inria, CNRS and University of Nantes ANJA team, combining Artificial Intelligence with law. Case Law Analytics, which was created in 2017 by Inria Research Director Jacques Lévy Véhel and Nantes Bar Association lawyer Jérôme Dupré, applies mathematical quantification techniques to legal and judicial risk and offers the complete range of potential decisions with the associated probable rulings and penalties.

The founders

Jérôme Dupré , who is a Grenoble IEP graduate, holds a DEA qualification in economic law and business and is a trained lawyer, has been a former General Counsel on information technologies in a major corporation, has a doctorate in law and is also a magistrate trained in mediation. After having worked as a judge and then for the Ministry of Justice, he has taken a break to dedicate his time to this project.

Jacques Lévy Véhel  is a graduate of France’s prestigious Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications. He holds a mathematics doctorate and is the Research Director at Inria, where he recently led a joint team between Inria, CNRS and the University of Nantes (Jean Leray Laboratory) on the mathematical modelling of economics/finance and law.

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