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Marie-Jeanne Gaffard - 8/01/2013

Launch of the 2013 Internships campaign

The dept. of international affairs has launched its annual campaign to recruit trainees as part of its Internships program. This program is open to students from "partner institutions" (these are foreign institutions which have set up an agreement with Inria to pre-select interns from their most able students).

In the autumn of 2012, Inria project teams were invited to submit internship topics (in line with their field of research) in order to attract interns from abroad and studying towards engineering, master's or doctorate degrees.

As a result, Inria researchers submitted nearly 100 research topics, ranging from Applied Mathematics, Computation and Simulation, Networks, Systems and Services, Distributed Computing to Algorithmics, Programming, Software and Architecture etc...

Our "partner institutions" circulated these Internship offers to their students (those studying towards engineering, master's or doctorate degrees), thus pre-selecting these students by ensuring that their candidates matched our requirements.

Final selection results will be announced on January 15th, 2013.

Selected students will undertake their internship in one of Inria 8 research centers during the spring or summer of 2013. 

They will receive a research allowance ranging from € 1,100 to € 1,200 net per month.
Each allowance is half funded by the Department of International Relations and the other half by the Inria project-team hosting the intern.
The details and the terms of the 2013 Internships campaign can be found on our Internships program webpage.

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