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NETVA 2017


2 Inria start-ups are taking part in the NETVA North American workshops

The NETVA (New Technology Venture Accelerator) programme offers a programme of personalised support, opportunity analysis and development of technological partnerships in the United States and Canada to young, innovative French start-ups. Managed by the teams at the Office for Science and Technology at the French Embassy in the United States, at the end of October NETVA will be enabling two Inria start-ups to build up an international network.

What is NETVA?

The aim of NETVA, which was created in 2010, is to address the need for internationalisation of French start-ups developing innovative, high value-added products.  The programme is aimed at French start-ups and SMEs in innovative technologies, originating from or backed by research laboratories, regardless of the sector of activity, and which intend to develop in North America. NETVA, a key partner of Inria's innovation policy, has already helped over 65 start-ups.

The winners of the competition take part in a personalised programme in three stages:

  1. a training seminar in Paris in June on the approach to North American markets;
  2. the support of a North American mentor who guides them in their understanding of the American environment and in their search for partnerships;
  3. an immersion week at the end of October in one of the four most dynamic ecosystems in the United States and Canada: Massachusetts (Boston), Silicon Valley (San Francisco), Washington D.C and Ontario (Toronto).

During this visit, the entrepreneurs take part in seminars to compare their business model with North American reality and in individual meetings with key players in their area of activity. NETVA represents a unique opportunity for the young French companies to benefit from training and contacts by building on the expertise of local players specialised in business development in the United States and Canada.

The two Inria startups awarded

  • iExec offers a fully decentralised Cloud solution based on blockchain technology. The company develops a marketplace without a trusted intermediary, allowing suppliers of IT resources to directly monetise their servers, applications, or data sets directly on the blockchain.
  •  simplifies the use, the deployment and the management of cryptography. Its first product is a managed file transfer web software. Encrypted transfer are then possible without setting up any end user software, without exchanging passwords and with an original recovery function for exchanges.