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Embedded systems

A dedicated cryptography system for embedded systems

Camille Liewig - 5/10/2009

Two researchers, Pierrick Gaudry and Eric Schost, have just put the finishing touches to a new, faster, more reliable cryptosystem. Called Surf 1271, it is based on the use of hyper-elliptical curves and seems particularly well-suited to embedded systems.



Cycab © CSI / Arnaud ROBIN Cycab © CSI / Arnaud ROBIN


Inria's CyCab sets out to conquer the roads of Finland


Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, pollution and congested roads are the scourge of our cities. To tackle these problems, Inria research laboratories have developed the CyCab, a small autonomous car packed with a multitude of the latest cutting-edge technological solutions. Among its many talents, the CyCab boasts the ability to avoid obstacles placed in its path.



Recherche d'images par similarité avec le logiciel Ikona  © INRIA / Projet IMEDIA  © Inria / Projet IMEDIA


Inria makes its IKONA search engine available for the Pl@ntNet service

Camille Liewig - 6/08/2009

The goal of Pl@ntNet is to share the world’s botanical knowledge over the Web. This is an original and ambitious project in which Inria is involved through the IKONA search engine developed by the IMEDIA team.



Transfer - Partnership

Grid’5000 opens up internationally

Camille Liewig - 22/07/2009

On the occasion of the Colibri conference, Inria signs an agreement with the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sol (UFRGS) to include its Information Technology Institute within Grid’5000. A fresh direction which will enable users of this experimental platform to explore new avenues in IT research related to the issues of networked computation.



Thierry Vieville © inria / Photo C. Lebedinsky  Thierry Vieville © Inria / Photo C. Lebedinsky

Culture scientifique

"The reward: a sparkle in their eyes"

Camille Liewieg - 7/07/2009

On 24th June 2009, UNESCO hosted the “Faites de la science” (“Do Science”) competition at its Paris headquarters. For a day, middle and high school students presented a scientific experiment to a jury made up of researchers, professors, teachers, and science enthusiasts. As a partner in the competition, the Inria (the French national institute for research in computer science and control) was in attendance, particularly through the presence of one of its researchers, Thierry Vieville, jury member for a day.




Gérard Huet is to be awarded the prestigious EATCS Award


The European Association of Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS) will present Gérard Huet with the 2009 Award on 9 July in Rhodes. This award comes in recognition of a long career dedicated to computer science punctuated with numerous breakthroughs.



© Inria / Photo C. Dupont

Events – "Mathematical Games and Culture" Show

Maths games with the stars

Camille Liewig - 10/06/2009

The 10th Mathematical Games and Culture Show, held in Place Saint Sulpice in the heart of Paris, has just come to an end. For four days, young visitors learned more about maths while enjoying themselves. Astronomy was the star of this year's show. To mark the event, Inria presented a star charting program that thrilled all the Little Princes.



Joseph Sifakis - @ CNRS Bellevue

Cycles "les défis scientifiques du 21e siècle"

Joseph Sifakis to give a lecture on embedded systems


On Tuesday, 10 March, Joseph Sifakis, winner of the 2007 Turing Prize, research director at CNRS and holder of the Schneider-Inria-Digiteo industrial chair, will give a lecture at the Academy of Science on the topic of embedded systems – new challenges in computer science, which Inria has made one of its priorities.