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ClinMine: analyzing patient trajectories in hospital


Length of hospitalization, care protocols, examination results, and transfer of records between doctors...French hospitals generate a significant amount of data. Knowing how to process and analyze them could enable an optimization of the patients' care. This is precisely the aim of the ANR ClinMine project, in which, notably, members of the Modal 1 project team from the Inria Lille - Nord Europe center have taken part.



Gang Zheng - © Inria / Photo Kaksonen


Gang Zheng, winner of the ULNE I-SITE's EXPAND call for projects


Gang Zheng, a researcher with the Defrost* project team at the Inria Lille center, is one of the winners of the Université de Lille Nord Europe's I-SITE EXPAND 2017 call for projects. His soft robotics projects is among the eight EXPAND projects financed to up to €200k (including the recruitment of a PhD student). These calls for projects were launched with the support of the MEL (Métropole Européenne de Lille) and the collaboration of SATT Nord, the French technology transfer accelerator company.



Christophe Biernacki - © Inria / Photo Kaksonen


Christophe Biernacki, Head of Science at Inria Lille


Christophe Biernacki has been the new Head of Science at the Inria Lille – Nord Europe research centre since last June.A statistician at the head of the Modal* project team since 2010 and previously assistant to the former Head of Science, he was the natural choice for this position.Aware of the steadily growing importance of digital science for both research and society, he is keen to take the helm of the centre at a turning point in its existence.



Calls for projects

I-SITE programme of the University of Lille Nord -Europe: first phase of calls for projects


On 25th September 2017, the I-SITE programme of the University of Lille Nord-Europe (ULNE) launched the first phase of its call for projects. Inria is one of the founder members of this ambitious project.



Newspaper 2067

« In’edit » a newspaper for #50yearsInria


For the "Forum Numérique 2067" event, organized on October 5 at la Plaine Images, Inria Lille – Nord Europe research center has created an imaginary newspaper. Members of Inria and partners have contributed to this unique newspaper, dated Octobre 5, 2067. The storyline ? Imagine the digital world of 2067.



Human Computer Interaction

Go Touch VR: virtual reality at your fingertips


Direction Lille and Grenoble and to Go Touch VR, where researchers in haptic technology turned entrepreneurs have developed a very simple solution in order to touch and manipulate virtual objects. Eric Vezzoli, co-founder and CEO of the start-up - and former member of the Mint project team at the Inria center in Lille - explains.



Benjamin Danglot


Spoon wins an award at the OW2con'17 conference


Spoon, a product that the Spirals project team has been developing for more than ten years, has won an award at the OW2con'17 conference.



Maxime Feingesicht and the representative model of an aircraft wing used in the wind tunnel of the Onera, Lille.

Automatic control

Improving the aerodynamics of aircraft by controlling air flow


As part of the regional partnership CPER (state-region planning contract) ELSAT 2020, the ContrATech sub-program focuses on new technologies in flow control able to reduce consumption and improve flight aerodynamics. Maxime Feingesicht is doing his thesis (co-funded by the graduate engineering school École Centrale de Lille and the Hauts-de-France regional council) on control issues. He has agreed to answer some questions on his research, which is supervised by Jean-Pierre Richard from École Centrale de Lille, Andrey Polyakov from Inria and Franck Kerhervé from the University of Poitiers.



Prize - ICIOT 2017

IEEE ICIOT 2017 best paper award for Fun and Spirals


Philippe Merle and Christophe Gourdin, members of Inria Spirals project-team and Nathalie Mitton, head of Fun project-team, received the IEE ICIOT 2017 best paper award for their joint publication"Mobile Cloud Robotics as a Service with OCCIware".




Grid'5000: large-scale computing experimentation


In Lille since 2005 and hosted by the Inria Lille – Nord Europe research centre since 1 March 2017, the Grid'5000 test bed offers scientists the opportunity to test their software concepts in real-world conditions, which include quite significant computing power and storage capacity. While some calculations would take years on a single machine, the Grid'5000 test bed reduces the time to several days and even several hours with grid computing.