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Nicolas Roussel in the management team


Since July 17th 2017, Nicolas Roussel is the new director of Inria Bordeaux - Sud Ouest research centre.



Benjamin Danglot


Spoon wins an award at the OW2con'17 conference


Spoon, a product that the Spirals project team has been developing for more than ten years, has won an award at the OW2con'17 conference.



Maxime Feingesicht and the representative model of an aircraft wing used in the wind tunnel of the Onera, Lille.

Automatic control

Improving the aerodynamics of aircraft by controlling air flow


As part of the regional partnership CPER (state-region planning contract) ELSAT 2020, the ContrATech sub-program focuses on new technologies in flow control able to reduce consumption and improve flight aerodynamics. Maxime Feingesicht is doing his thesis (co-funded by the graduate engineering school École Centrale de Lille and the Hauts-de-France regional council) on control issues. He has agreed to answer some questions on his research, which is supervised by Jean-Pierre Richard from École Centrale de Lille, Andrey Polyakov from Inria and Franck Kerhervé from the University of Poitiers.



Prize - ICIOT 2017

IEEE ICIOT 2017 best paper award for Fun and Spirals


Philippe Merle and Christophe Gourdin, members of Inria Spirals project-team and Nathalie Mitton, head of Fun project-team, received the IEE ICIOT 2017 best paper award for their joint publication"Mobile Cloud Robotics as a Service with OCCIware".



L'aimant IRM du centre de recherche NeuroSpin du CEA Saclay (Essonne) pèse 130 tonnes et produit un champ magnétique de 11,7 teslas. - CEA


At Saclay, researchers will be able to study the brain in very high resolution

Magalie Quet - 28/06/2017

At the end of May, after six years in construction and over 14 days being transported, the largest human MRI scanner[i] - the Iseult project - arrived at the Neurospin research centre in Saclay. Equipped with the most powerful magnet in the world, generating a record magnetic field of 11.7 teslas[ii], this MRI will be able to explore the human brain with a hitherto unparalleled level of precision. The Parietal project team from the Inria Saclay - Île-de-France centre, a joint team with the CEA[iii] and located at the NeuroSpin research centre will, a few months from now, be able to work on this behemoth of technologies and push their studies of the brain even further.



International Chair

Project-team Gamma3 welcomes David Marcum

Charlotte Renauld - 27/06/2017

David Marcum, Professor at Mississippi State University (MSU), has been hired by Inria Saclay – Île-de-France research center within the framework of the International Chair Program. David Marcum joined the center in the beginning of May 2017 to strengthen his collaboration with Gamma3 project-team and work on "Unstructured Mesh Generation".




Artificial intelligence: Microsoft and Inria at Station F

Sarah Alzieu - 22/06/2017

Inria and Microsoft are joining forces as part of the Station F start-up campus, which will open its doors in Paris this summer. This collaboration follows on from the one initiated over ten years ago by the two digital technology actors, and which today is reinventing itself around the theme of artificial intelligence...


F. Paccault / Wikipedia / CC BY 1.0


Tribute to Roger Mohr

S. A. - 16/06/2017

It was with great sadness that we learned that Roger Mohr passed away on 15 June last. Inria shares in the grief felt by his family and pays tribute to the contribution to the world of research by a great scientist, whose human qualities were recognised by all.


Véronique Masson et Arnaud Legrand Véronique Masson & Arnaud Legrand


Leveraging Big Data Analytics to Cut Industry's Power Bill

Jean-Michel Prima - 13/06/2017

A French software startup specializing in energy analytics for the industry, Energiency helps manufacturers to save big on electricity and gas. The company has recently started a partnership with Inria and Rennes 1 University to stay on the cutting-edge of data science.




Laurent Massoulié  Grand Prix Cino Del Duca

Sophie Eremian - 8/06/2017

On 7 June, Laurent Massoulié, head of the Infine team at the Inria Saclay – Île-de-France Research Centre and Director of the Microsoft Research - Inria Joint Centre, received the Grand Prix Scientifique Cino Del Duca 2017 , awarded by the French Academy of Sciences. He has won this prestigious science prize for his project on Social Information Networks.