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Laurence Goussu (*) - 30/07/2019

Jean-Yves Le Drian, the French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, visited Inria Chile

On the occasion of the visit to Chile, Jean-Yves Le Drian visited the only Inria Center located outside of France on July 25.
This visit reinforces the commitments agreed by both nations on October 8, 2018, when the leaders of Chile and France decided to adopt a bilateral roadmap that defines the scope of the relationship between both countries for the next three years. One of the relevant points of this bilateral roadmap is the intensification of economic exchanges between France and Chile, with special emphasis on innovation, artificial intelligence, information and communication technologies, and sustainable development. In particular, they agreed on the importance of the existing Franco-Chilean research centers, such as Inria Chile, which are drivers for technological innovation.

Jean-Yves Le Drian began the third and final day of his visit by meeting with French companies operating in Chile. After that, he visited Inria Chile, the only Inria Center located outside France, whose mission is to conduct and articulate high-impact research and development in digital technologies in service of the society. In particular, by consolidating its scientific excellence, by strengthening the economic impact, and by supporting the public policies in the Franco-Chilean ecosystem.

Jean-Yves Le Drian was received by the Inria Chile's Director, Dr Nayat Sánchez Pi , who presented the institute and emphasized that Inria in Chile wants to strengthen the relations with the French and local industry ecosystem in Chile to be the catalyzer of the economic impact.

The Minister was accompanied on his visit to Inria Chile by Frédéric Doré , Director of the Americas and Simond de Galbert , counselor to the Minister and the French Ambassador in Chile, Roland Dubertrand .

During the meeting, the minister had the opportunity to have a closer look at the impact of the work of Inria in Chile and some of the innovation activities in important and unique areas like astronomy, mining and renewable energies.

There is a strong and solid record of collaborations between Inria and industry in France. We are exploring the creation of Joint Laboratories with French companies present in Chile and also Chilean companies to accelerate their digital transformation processes. We are working in strengthen those connections and an example of this public-private collaboration is the one we are starting with Naval Group and Inria Chile ” – Dr Nayat Sánchez-Pi , Director Inria Chile.

Inria Chile: a gateway for French companies and startups in Latam

Inria Chile collaborates effectively with companies, institutions and start-ups to face the challenges of the digital revolution. The aim is to inspire and educate future generations of scientists and engineers to take a leading role in that transformation. The Inria Chile center is also a catalyst for the R&D activities of French companies and start-ups in Chile and Latin America.

The ambition of Inria is to reinforce the win-win impact of Inria Chile: to contribute to the digital transformation of Chile and to strengthen the international outreach and attractiveness of French research and innovation. There is a unique political momentum with the French-Chilean partnership promoted by President Macron and President Pinera .”
Dr Bruno Sportisse , CEO and Chairman of Inria

Inria Chile has other two mechanisms for transferring knowledge, skills and technologies. The Tech Training Center training program aimed at companies that seek to innovate and integrate digital technologies such as deeptech. Through this training program, companies can benefit directly from the knowledge of Inria experts, as well as from its open-source technologies.

The other mechanism is the Startup Tech Studio, which promotes the creation of new technology-based companies through different mechanisms of partnership and support.

Our Inria Chile Training Center was put in place to make high-level technology accessible to all. We implement the training courses supported by open-source technologies from Inria. What we want is to accelerate the process and impact the economy by training people in deep tech which will later impact directly in the job creation. Also the startup creation is a well and recognized mechanism to transfer and impact to society. With the Inria Chile Startup Tech Studio we want to support digital-based startups, not only from Chile and but also French startups, by means of our softlanding program wanting to explore the Chilean and Latin American market .” – Dr Nayat Sánchez Pi - Director Inria Chile.

Chile: Host of COP 25, the world's most important climate change summit

The next meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP) of the United Nations will be hosted in Santiago of Chile between 2 and 13 December. This summit will bring together high-level representatives from 197 countries and aims to promote active policies to care for and protect the planet. The meeting in Santiago will also will seek to set criteria for compliance with the Paris Agreement and improve countries' reduction targets.
Inria Chile will participate in COP 25 along with other organizations of the Franco-Chilean ecosystem. Inria Chile is also involved in some projects devoted to natural resources and environmental impact.

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