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High-level appointments at Inria

Four months after being re-appointed as Chairman and CEO for another term, Michel Cosnard has appointed a number of colleagues to strategic positions in the Institute's organisational structure.

Antoine Petit has been appointed Deputy CEO

Portrait Antoine Petit © INRIA / Photo C. Lebedinsky

Antoine Petit takes over from Jean-Pierre Verjus, who will act as an advisor to the Chairman.As Deputy CEO, Antoine Petit will, alongside Michel Cosnard, oversee relations with the Institute’s supervising ministries, and institutional partnerships with research establishments, businesses and local and regional authorities. He will also supervise training through research and all relations with higher education establishments.
Director of the Inria Paris – Rocquencourt research centre since 2006, Antoine Petit had also served as acting director of the Inria Saclay - Ile-de-France research centre since March 2010. Before joining Inria, he worked as Scientific Director of the CNRS’s ICST department, and then as the CNRS's inter-regional director for South-West France.
Antoine Petit is a secondary and higher-education qualified teaching professional in mathematics, a doctor of science, and a university professor at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan. He is a specialist in formal methods, mainly transition system based, for the specification and verification of parallel and real-time systems.

Claude Kirchner has been appointed Executive officer for research and technology transfer for innovation

Portrait Claude Kirchner ©-INRIA-Photo-Kaksonen

He replaces Malik Ghallab, who has been entrusted with an assignment in the United States to strengthen Inria's presence on the west coast.
 In his new role, Claude Kirchner will supervise all of the institute's activities involving research, technology development, and technology transfer. He will chair the scientific and technical steering committee and monitor the work of the evaluation committee and the decisions of the scientific council. He will guide the policy of strategic partnerships with industrial players, also monitoring implementation. He will also coordinate the discussions and actions of the institute regarding scientific and general ethics, relying, in particular, on the "Report on the creation of an ethics committee in computational sciences and technologies", made public in January 2010, the drafting of which he coordinated.
From January 2008, Claude Kirchner served as Director of the Inria Bordeaux - Sud Ouest centre. A doctor of science in computer science, Claude Kirchner joined Inria in 1988 as a senior research scientist. He had previously worked as a mathematics teacher, a computer science lecturer and a junior research scientist at the CNRS.
His internationally recognised scientific interests and contributions focus on logical and semantic foundations, particularly for the design and implementation of robust systems. Since 2003, he has chaired various scientific councils and evaluation committees for security and computer science programmes of the Ministry of Research and the ANR (French National Research Agency).

Nozha Boujemaa has been appointed Director of the Inria Saclay Ile-de-France research centre

Portrait Nozha Boujemaa ©-INRIA-Photo-J.-Wallace

She succeeds Antoine Petit and Michel Bidoit in the post.
She will work to promote the development of the centre, aiming to strengthen the international-scale research and innovation campus on the Plateau de Saclay.
Nozha Boujemaa holds an HDR (habilitation to advise doctoral theses) in computer science and is an Inria senior research scientist. Since 2000, she has headed up the IMEDIA project-team. A specialist in interactive information indexing and searching through visual content, she contributed to the emergence of new-generation multimedia search engines. She is a founding member of ACM (International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval) and its steering committee.
She has served as the scientific coordinator of several European projects and led many scientific expertise missions with French, European, and American institutions. She has been a member of the Inria evaluation committee (2004-2008) and the management team of the Inria Paris - Rocquencourt centre.

Isabelle Ryl has been appointed Director of the Inria Paris-Rocquencourt research centre

Portrait Isabelle Ryl ©-INRIA-Photo-C.-Dupont

She takes the place of Antoine Petit. A Doctor of Sciences, Isabelle Ryl is currently a university lecturer at Lille 1 University and a researcher in the POPS project-team. She had been in charge of development at the Inria Lille - Nord Europe research centre since June 2008, working under the head of the centre, Max Dauchet.
She has also been a member of the board of directors of Specif (The French society of computer science teachers and researchers) since 2006, and Vice-President for Research since 2009. Her research primarily focuses on the verification of security properties for ubiquitous systems and robust optimisations for small embedded systems.

Gérard Giraudon has been reappointed as Director of the Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée research centre

Portrait Gérard Giraudon ©-INRIA-Photo-J.-Wallace

Having served as Director of the Inria Sophia Antipolis – Méditerranée research centre since 2006, Gérard Giraudon has now been reappointed to the post. Very active in the stimulation of the regional socio-economic fabric, Gérard Giraudon is a member of the board of the SCS competitiveness cluster, director of the Persan association, the Telecom Valley association, the Club des Dirigeants and the ValorPACA association, a coordinator of the Corpaca network, a member of the "Archimède" scientific culture network in the PACA region (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur), and, since 2007, chairman of the PACA Est business incubator.
At Inria since 1984, Gérard Giraudon has been director of industrial relations, director of scientific information and communication, and, in 1999, director of development and industrial relations. As such, until 2006, he was a major player in the institute's national policy for technology transfer through the establishment of major industrial partnerships, a new software development organisation at Inria, and the institute's involvement in the open-source software movement. Co-founder of ISTAR (now Infoterra), a start-up originating from Inria Sophia Antipolis in 1988, he is also very involved in the creation of innovative companies.
Gérard Giraudon is an Inria research director. He holds a doctoral thesis in Applied Mathematics from the University of Nice (1979) and a habilitation to advise doctoral theses (1991), and is a specialist in computer vision. He has written around a hundred scientific articles and supervised a dozen doctoral theses. Gérard Giraudon is a Knight in the French National Order of Merit.

Hélène Kirchner has been appointed Director of international relations.

Portrait Hélène Kirchner ©-INRIA-Photo-Jim-Wallace

She replaces Dominique Sotteau. In this post, she will lead and coordinate the institute's international scientific and industrial activities, in keeping with the guidelines laid down by the supervisory ministries and the ministries of foreign affairs and international cooperation. The agreements between Inria and its foreign scientific partners are at the heart of her mission. From March 2007, Hélène Kirchner was deputy scientific director with the Inria research department, in charge of "algorithms, programming, software, and architectures". She managed LORIA and Inria Lorraine from 2001 to 2006, after leading the PROTHEO project-team, dedicated to the design and production of tools for specification and verification of software, from 1997 to 2000. Having joined the CNRS in 1982, Hélène Kirchner obtained a State doctorate in computer science in 1985.
She has been a senior research scientist since 1995. Her research topics focus on the design and development of robust software: formal specifications, logic and automatic deduction, program verification and security policies. Hélène Kirchner is a Knight in the French National Order of Merit.



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