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MOOC Live Object Programming in Pharo is back

If you are either a beginner or an expert in object-oriented programming, this MOOC will change the way you program with objects: come and learn or rediscover object-oriented programming with Pharo!

  • Date : 8/10/2018 to 20/01/2019
  • Place : Plate-forme FUN
  • Guest(s) : Stéphane Ducasse and Luc Fabresse
  • Organiser(s) : Inria Learning Lab

MOOC "Immersive Object Programming in Pharo" will be open from October 8  on the FUN platform (France Université Numérique). This MOOC is fully bilingual French/English and all videos are subtitled in French, English, Spanish and Japanese.

Throughout this MOOC you will :

  • learn how to program in Pharo,
  • be immersed in a live environment and live a new programming experience,
  • develop a web application to apply the different aspects of Pharo presented in the course.

This is a new opportunity to get immersed in the Pharo world  and to be in contact with experts and other users!

All the course contents will be available at the MOOC opening, which will allow you to choose your own programme. You will find 5 learning path  : Newbie , Looking for Web , Refreshing your OO perspective , Wanna be a Pharo expert , Looking for Black Magic : each of you will find what he is looking for ...

New in the 3rd session  :

  • an extra sequence  for Newbie : to introduce basics on object-oriented programming.
  • Mini-project  fully reworked : more interesting, more fun, much better!

This MOOC was created by Inria’s LearningLab, as part of the uTOP project.

Registration are already open  : Register for this MOOC

Keywords: Pharo Object-Oriented Programming