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Workshop Berkeley-Inria-Stanford 2012

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The second workshop Berkeley-Inria-Stanford 2012 (BIS’12) is hosted by Inria, in Paris, on May 21-22, 2012. It is co-organized by UC Berkeley, Inria, and Stanford University, in partnership with CITRIS and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. BIS’12 is part of the joint research program Inria@SiliconValley.

  • Date : 21/05/2012 to 22/05/2012
  • Place : Cap15, 3 quai de Grenelle - 75015 Paris - France
  • Organiser(s) : UC Berkeley, Inria, Stanford University

The objectives of this workshop are two-fold: first, to present the current state of scientific collaborations and second to work on proposals for future ambitious joint projects.


The aim of the program Inria@SiliconValley is to promote and develop scientific collaborations between Inria project-teams and American teams in these two universities, and affiliated research institutions in California. This program supports joint research projects through seed funding, fellowships and scholarships to faculty, postdocs and graduate students. This programme began in January 2011.


University of  Berkeley
The University of California was chartered in 1868 and its flagship campus — envisioned as a "City of Learning" — was established at Berkeley, on San Francisco Bay.

Public science and technology institution established in 1967, Inria is is the only public research body fully dedicated to computational sciences. Combining computer sciences with mathematics, Inria’s researchers strive to invent the digital technologies of the future.

Stanford University
Stanford University is recognized as one of the world's leading research and teaching institutions.


Cap Digital
The French business cluster for digital contents and services, aims at promoting the Paris Region as one of the world leaders in digital contents, creative industries and services, from an industrial as well as a strategic point of view. Fostering R&D, helping companies to expand, networking our members and showcasing them throughout the world, are some of the activities we undertake to support the creativity and competitiveness of a sector that represents a € 3000 billion world market.

The Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society creates information technology solutions for many of our most pressing social, environmental and healthcare problems.

SYSTEMATIC PARIS-REGION competitiveness cluster brings together more than 600 key players in the Paris region working in the field of software-dominant systems and focusing on markets with a strong societal dimension.

French Ministery of Foreign Affairs
The first objective of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to develop the foreign and european relation of France.

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