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The 2014 Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Prizewinners' Forum

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Under the patronage of the French Academy of Sciences, the SIF, the SMAI and INRIA are holding an afternoon of scientific discovery based on the work of researchers awarded prizes in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics in 2014.

  • Date : 11/12/2014
  • Place : Collège de France, amphithéâtre Budé,11 place Marcelin-Berthelot, 75005 Paris
  • Organiser(s) : Inria, SMAI et SIF

If you are a researcher or student (3rd year undergraduate level) in Computer Science or Applied Mathematics, don't miss the Prizewinners' Forum!
Come and find out about the research being carried out by award-winning scientists and have a chance to discuss their work with them.
Don't miss it!

Please note that the Forum will mostly be in French

Speakers, scientific presentations 

  • Nicholas Ayache , Senior researcher at Inria, Asclépios team, Inria –  French Académie des sciences Grand Prize
  • Gérard Berry , Professor at the Collège de France, CNRS Gold Medal winner 2014
  • François Fages , Senior researcher at Inria, Lifeware team, Michel Monpetit - Inria Prize, Themed Award by the French Académie des Sciences
  • Paola Goatin , Research scientist at Inria, Opale team, Inria – French Académie des sciences Young Researcher Award
  • Patrick Gérard , Professor at the Université de Paris-Sud, Mathematics Department – Orsay Faculty of Science, Leonid Frank Prize, French Académie des Sciences Grand Prize
  • Josef Teichmann , Professor at ETH Zurich, Louis Bachelier Prize of the Natixis Foundation for quantitative research and the SMAI (Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles), awarded by the French Académie des Sciences
  • Emmanuel Trélat,  Professor at UPMC, Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory The SMAI/GAMNI Blaise Pascal Prize awarded by the French Académie des Sciences.
  • Patrick Valduriez , Senior researcher at Inria, Zénith team, Inria – French Académie des sciences – Dassault systèmes Innovation Award





Welcome speech by the Forum's partners


From medical imaging to digital medicine
Speaker : Nicholas Ayache
Abstract: At the crossroads between Computer Science and Medicine, computational medical imaging aims to build a personalised digital model of the patient as an aid to diagnosis, prognosis and treatment practice. Merging medical imaging, personalised virtual organs, augmented and virtual reality, simulated surgery, image- and robot-guided therapy: these are just some of the new IT tools that give us a glimpse of the benefits for doctor and patient alike of computational medicine in the future.


Road and pedestrian traffic modelling by conservation laws
Speaker : Paola Goatin

Abstract: Road traffic and crowd movement can be modelled at various scales: thus we distinguish between microscopic, mesoscopic and macroscopic approaches. In this presentation, Paola Goatin will focus on macroscopic models, consisting in systems of conservation laws derived from fluid dynamics. Such partial derivative equations describe the evolution of macroscopic-scale variables in time and space, for instance of the density and mean velocity of vehicles or pedestrians.


Data Management: from VLDB to Big Data
Speaker : Patrick Valduriez

Abstract: In the 1980s, when we talked of very large databases (VLDB), we meant as big as a terabyte. Now, when we talk of big data, we are talking in exabytes (1 million terabytes). While the scale and complexity of data has radically increased, the approach to dealing with the problem remains the same: namely, by exploiting parallelism. However, this implies many new challenges, which will be discussed in this presentation.


Geometry of term structure problems
Speaker : Josef Teichmann (in english)
Abstract : Josef Teichmann will provide an overview on the geometry, analysis and numerics of term structure problems in mathematical Finance with a focus on consistent recalibration models.


Break and time for discussion


Cells as Machines: towards Deciphering Biochemical Programs in the Cell
Speaker : François Fages

Abstract: Systems Biology is a multidisciplinary research subject which seeks to understand complex biological processes in terms of  biochemical interactions at the cell level. For the computer scientist, the difficulties lie not so much in the number of molecular species and their interactions, but in the unconventional nature of the biochemical computation, which is concurrent, distributed, partially analogical and operated by reaction systems that have been acquired by evolution. The bet of viewing cells as machines and biochemical reactions as programs, has led to new challenges in fundamental computer science and opens up new possibilities in biology and medicine. François Fages will present some of the key concepts of this approach, and will illustrate them with a success story concerning the elucidation of the complex dynamics of GPCR cell-signalling.


Weak turbulence and integrable systems
Speaker : Patrick Gérard  

Abstract: Weak turbulence theory aims to describe energy transfer between small and large wavelengths during nonlinear wave propagation. Patrick Gérard will demonstrate how this task may be approached in the case of a very simple model of nonlinear dynamics, which has the singular property of being integrable -- i.e. that can be described by explicit formulae -- and, at the same time, unstable -- i.e. that the slightest disruption to the initial data can have a huge influence on its long-term evolution.


The mathematical theory of control and its applications in aerospace
Speaker : Emmanuel Trélat

Abstract: Control theory is a branch of mathematics that aims to act on systems via a control, in order to guide the system to a desired final state. It has applications in a great many fields. In his presentation, Emmanuel Trélat will focus on applications in aerospace, demonstrating, for example, how interplanetary space missions can be planned which will cost practically nothing in terms of energy consumption.


The IT revolution in science
Speaker : Gérard Berry

17:55 – 19:00 

Close, Cocktail reception

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