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Networked and embedded control

IGSC 2019

14/01/2019 to 27/07/2019

Every year, the European Embedded Control Institute (EECI) organize an International Graduate School on Control (IGSC).



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Inria Learning Lab

Two Moocs on Web technologies

4/02/2019 to 2/02/2020

Inria Learning Lab is opening two Moocs on Web technologies until 2019. One, in French, aims to provide training in data Web and Semantic Web standards; the other, in English, provides an introduction to related data standards and the principles behind the creation of the Semantic Web.

Place : FUN Platform

Guest(s) : Fabien Gandon, Olivier Corby et Catherine Faron-Zucker


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Gallium Seminar


Place : Salle Lions 1

Guest(s) : Benedikt Becker

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Machine Learning

Workshop scikit-learn May! 2019


Inria, the Inria Foundation and all the industrial partners of the scikit-learn @ Inria Foundation consortium are organizing the first annual workshop of the consortium. On the agenda are reviews of the consortium's achievements, technical tutorials, case studies and round table discussions....

Place : BNP Paribas Cardif – 8 rue du Port, Nanterre

Guest(s) : Gaël Varoquaux, Alexandre Gramfort, Olivier Grisel


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Global Challenges Science Week

3/06/2019 to 6/06/2019

First edition of the Global Challenges Science Week of Univ. Grenoble Alpes, from Monday 3 to Thursday 6 June 2019 in Grenoble, France.

Place : Grenoble


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JdS 2019 - @Romain Azaris


Journées de Statistique 2019

3/06/2019 to 7/06/2019

The "Statistics Days 2019" will take place from June 3 to 7, 2019 in Nancy at the Scientific Campus of Lorraine University.

Place : Faculté des Sciences et Technologies, Nancy

Guest(s) : John Bacon-Shone, University of Hong Kong Freddy Bouchet, ENS Lyon/CNRS Charles Bouveyron, Université de Côte d'azur Alexandra Carpentier, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg. Forrest Crawford, Yale university Luc Devroye (Prix Laplace), School of Computer Science McGill University Stefano Favaro, Collegio Carlo Alberto/Univ Turin/Oxford Ghislaine Gayraud, UT Compiègne Alexandre Gramfort, INRIA Parietal team Andreas Groll, TU Dortmund Julie Josse, Ecole Polytechnique Mariana Kotzeva, Directrice Générale, Eurostat Oleg Lepski (Prix de la Conférence Le Cam), Aix Marseille Université Grégory Nuel , CNRS Jean Opsomer, Colorado State University Samuel Soubeyrand, INRA Stephen Senn, Luxembourg Institute of Health


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TERATEC 2019 Forum

11/06/2019 to 12/06/2019

The TERATEC Forum will be held on June, 11th to 12th, 2019 at Polytechnique in Palaiseau. You will be able to discover the latest technological innovations in Simulation, High Performance Computing (HPC), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Meet Christophe Biernacki, head of the Modal team and Margot Corréard, co-founder of DiagRAMS technologies (start-up Inria) for a wokshop on predictive maintenance without additional sensors.

Place : Polytechnique school - Palaiseau


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OW2 open source

Open source

Inria partner of the 2019 OW2 conference

12/06/2019 to 13/06/2019

The annual OW2 conference is an international meeting of experts, architects, developers and open source project managers. Inria, support of the open source community and producer of free software, is a partner of the 2019 edition, Open Source Toward Industrial Maturity .

Place : Orange Gardens, 44 Avenue de la République, 92320 Châtillon


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Summer School 2019

Computer Science CEA EDF INRIA Summer school 2019

24/06/2019 to 28/06/2019

Recent developments in neural network approaches (more known now as "deep learning") have dramatically changed the landscape of several research fields such as image classification, object detection, speech recognition, machine translation, self-driving cars and many more.

Place : UPMC - Sorbonne Universités – 75005 Paris, France


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360 Possibles


360 Possibles


 Inria Nancy - Grand Est Centre will attend 360 Possibles "Innovons ensemble dans le Grand Est"

Place : Strasbourg


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