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Resarch team 's seminary

Gallium seminary


Dans cet exposé je vais vous montrer comment implémenter un effet de non-déterminisme angélique (par exemple l'opérateur `amb`) directement en OCaml, en utilisant seulement de l'état modifiable et
des exceptions. Cette implémentation peut s'étendre pour obtenir les continuations délimitées.

Place : Inria de Paris- 2 rue Simone Iff- 75012 - 10h30

Guest(s) : Gabriel Scherer, Inria Saclay


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RESSI Conference

23/05/2018 to 25/05/2018

This scientific event aims to bring together and animate the French-speaking academic and industrial research community as well as the teaching community in the field of information system security.
Inria is a partner of this event accredited by the Pre-Gdr Computer Security of the CNRS

Place : La Bresse

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Opening lecture by Professor Raouf Boutaba


This inaugural conference organised by Inria and the University of Lorraine will be held on Tuesday 29 May 2018 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm in the amphitheatre of the Nancy - Grand Est Inria Centre. It will be followed by demonstrations by the Resist team, followed by a cocktail.

Language: French (with slides in English)

Free conference upon registration

Place : Inria Nancy - Grand Est

Guest(s) : Professor Raouf Boutaba, Waterloo University, Inria internationale Chair and Professeor@Lorraine

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Conférence CMWR 2018


CMWR 2018 international conference

3/06/2018 to 7/06/2018

From July, 3 to 7, the 22th edition of CMWR international conference will take place at Saint-Malo, at Palais du Grand Large. This event is co-organised by Inria, Université de Rennes 1 and CNRS.

Place : Palais du Grand Large, Saint-Malo


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SMF 2018

4/06/2018 to 8/06/2018

The second national congress of the Mathematical compagny of France will be held from 4 till 8 June 2018 in Lilliad on the campus Cité scientifique at Villeneuve d'Ascq. Inria Lille - Nord Europe center is partner of this event.

Place : Lilliad, cité scientifique Villeneuve d'Ascq


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ECSCW 2018 Conference - C.Ignat


ECSCW 2018 conference

4/06/2018 to 8/06/2018

The ECSCW conference will take place at Inria Nancy from 4 to 8 June 2018. It is the annual European Conference on the CSCW theme and merges from 2018 with the COOP conference.

Place : Inria Nancy Grand Est

Guest(s) : Valérie Issarny (Inria), Antonio Casilli (Télécom ParisTech)


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Inria partner of OW2con'18

7/06/2018 to 8/06/2018

OW2con’18 is the annual community event of the OW2 open source community, it brings together technology experts, software architects, IT developers, project managers and decision-makers from all around the world. It will take place in Orange Gardens, one of the main French research and innovation centres.

Place : Orange Gardens, Châtillon, France

Guest(s) : Simon Urli (projet Spoon)

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International Conference on Mathematical NeuroSciences (ICMNS 2018)

10/06/2018 to 13/06/2018

The 4th International Conference on Mathematical NeuroScience (ICMNS) will be held at the Congress Center in Juan-les-Pins, June 10 to 13, 2018

Place : Antibes - Juan les Pins, Congress center France


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18/06/2018 to 22/06/2018

After the first International Workshop on Bilevel Programming (IWOBIP’16) held in Monterrey Mexico in 2016, IWOBIP’18 will take place at INRIA Lille-Nord Europe, France, from Monday 18 to Friday 22, June 2018. This event will be organized by Luce Brotcorne head of Inocs team.

Place : Inria Lille - Nord Europe, Amphi, Bât B, Villeneuve d'ascq


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ISMP 2018

1/07/2018 to 6/07/2018

ISMP is the triennial international congress of mathematical optimization, where scientists from all over the world as well as industrial practitioners of mathematical optimization meet in order to present their most recent developments and results and to discuss new challenges from theory and practice. It is the symposium of the Mathematical Optimization Society (MOS).

Place : Bordeaux


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