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A MOOC on privacy protection in the digital world

29/01/2018 to 26/03/2018

Internet and smartphones accompany our daily life and make many tasks easier for us. While some of the successes of new technologies are undeniable, there is a counterpart: we have become data producers, coveted by many companies or government agencies.

Place : FUN

Guest(s) : Cédric Laradoux and Vincent Roca


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Resarch team 's seminary

Gallium seminary


We present the PML₂ language, which provides a uniform environment for programming, and for proving properties of programs in an ML-like setting

Place : Inria de Paris- 2 rue Simone Iff- 75012

Guest(s) : Rodolphe Lepigre - Inria Saclay, LSV, CNRS


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