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Meeting OpenMP

14/05/2018 to 18/05/2018

The event is a meeting of the "OpenMP ARB" consortium.  Inria is a member of the consortium since July 2016.

OpenMP is a programming language that allows you to write parallel programs, programs that do several calculations at the same time.

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Conference about electronic voting


The emergence of digital voting (we speak of "electronic voting") raises many issues in terms of guarantees of proper functioning and computer security: how can I ensure that my vote will be properly taken into account? Can anyone else know how I voted? Can I trust the announced result? These questions are perfectly legitimate and electronic voting systems do not yet provide a clear answer. But the same questions apply to "paper" elections.
We will discuss the desirable properties of electronic voting and possible techniques to achieve them.

The conference will be in French

Place : IUT Charlemagne

Guest(s) : Véronique Cortier team Pesto

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