Mireille Régnier

Director of the Inria centre research at the University of Lille
Mireille Régnier
© Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli

Mireille Régnier begins her role as head of the Inria Lille – North Europe research centre on 1 October 2019.

Born in 1957, Mireille Régnier holds a PhD from Paris-Sud University and is a Computer Sciences Research Director at the same institution. Her research is mainly in computational biology, the intersection between biology and computing, and explores problems such as gene regulation, structure prediction, and their interactions. Mireille Régnier joined Inria in 1982 as a researcher before being promoted to research director. Passionate about issues relating to algorithmics and the human genome, she specialised in bioinformatics and in 2009 formed the AMIB research team dedicated to structural biology.

In 2016 she took over as head of LIX, the Computer Science Laboratory of the École Polytechnique, overseen by the CNRS and the Polytechnic. There she ran a range of academic and industrial partnerships.

Strongly imbued with Russian culture, she has solid international experience and is regularly involved in French-Russian collaborations, particularly with the Poncelet Institute. She has also participated in many Canadian-French projects.