Mathieu Nancel and Géry Casiez receive the Google Research Award

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Changed on 12/05/2020
The Google Research Award are for research in areas of study that are of key interest to Google as well as the research community. These awards are unrestricted gifts that typically last for two to three years, and the recipients have the advantage of access to Google tools, technologies, and expertise.

Google Research Award

Mathieu Nancel et Géry Casiez
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The Loki's* researchers Mathieu Nancel (Inria) and Géry Casiez (Lille's University) just received a Google Research Award . The recipient's project of a Google Research Award receives financing and the advantage of access to Google tools, technologies, and expertise.


Real-time Latency Measure and Compensation in Interactive Systems

"End-to-end latency in interactive systems is detrimental to performance and usability, and comes from a combination of hardware and software delays. These delays are steadily addressed by hardware and software improvements, but at a decelerating pace. In parallel, short-term input prediction has shown promising results in recent years, in both research and industry, as an addition to these efforts. 

However current prediction techniques assume a constant end-to-end latency and can only compensate small amounts of latency before starting to introduce negative side-effects. In addition, measuring end-to-end latency in real time without using hardware probes remains an open question. This project addresses these questions to contribute theoretical and empirical results together with practical tools."

Loki Project-Team 

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