International Startup Day: a closer look at 6 business projects that began life at the Inria centre in Paris

Changed on 11/03/2021
International Startup Day is an ideal opportunity for the Inria Paris research centre to look back at some of its entrepreneurial success stories. From connected doors and quantum computers to remote driving: here are six scientific research projects that led to fascinating adventures in the world of deep tech.
Tas de livres sur le management et la création de startup
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The creation of companies by researchers or engineers is a route towards innovation and development for both the economy and society as a whole. Although scientific research is very much Inria’s raison d’être, the Institute also supports careers in business: more than 160 companies have been set up in the past 34 years, and September 2019 saw the launch of the Institute’s very own support programme aimed at encouraging researchers and engineers to continue down this path.

The Inria Startup Studio programme

Headed up by its two directors, Sophie Pellat and Hervé Lebret, as well as by the innovation teams from the institute’s eight research centres, Inria Startup Studio provides tailored support to those in charge of deep tech projects.

Project managers who participate in the programme receive financial assistance, accommodation, access to specialist tools and logistical and technological support through research teams, in addition to advice and moral support.

In a year and a half, the programme has taken close to 30 start-ups under its wing, and has its sights set on 100 a year by 2023.

Entrepreneurship at the Inria Paris research centre

19 digital deep tech start-ups have been set up at the Inria Paris research centre since it was launched. Their main areas of focus - machine learning, natural language processing, transport and quantum computing - reflect the centre’s key priorities, but it doesn't stop there.

The Inria Paris research centre is committed to providing end-to-end support for the creation of deep-tech start-ups with their roots in research, in addition to raising awareness of the issue among researchers through events such as the DAY One conferences.

The example of three game-changing deeptech startups

Techniciens montant un échafaudage


Image recognition for operations in the field

Photo du port de Sète


Technological innovation in the service of yachting

Mains tenant une puce électronique

Alice & Bob

“Cat qubits” for a universal, error-free quantum computer

Artificial intelligence, transport, automatic language processing: three entrepreneurial projects to follow closely

Maman tenant son bébé dans les bras


Artificial intelligence and linguistics to support parents

Voiture autonome prototype de la startup Avacar


Remote driving for fleets of driverless vehicles

Balle de verre réfléchissant un quadrillage de lumières


Natural language processing applied to patents

Startup Studio

Inria Startup Studio

Le programme de soutien à l'entrepreneuriat deeptech numérique d'Inria.