IT Translation and Crédit Agricole Charente-Maritime Deux-Sèvres Expansion become Ullo shareholders

Changed on 16/04/2020
The startup Ullo, which began life within the POTIOC project team at the Inria Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest research centre, has added two new shareholders. Crédit Agricole Charente-Maritime Deux-Sèvres Expansion and IT-Translation Investissement have bought shares in this La Rochelle-based company, which, since 2016, has been developing biofeedback technology for use by individuals suffering from cognitive issues. The aim of this investment is to give this young company the means with which to gain a foothold on the digital health market.
Ullo - inner garden
© Inria / Photo C. Morel

Science assisting healthcare

Biofeedback is a method used to view the status of certain physiological functions in real time, and to learn how to regulate them. The solutions developed by Ullo are primarily targeted at individuals suffering from cognitive issues (autism, Alzheimer’s, hyperactivity, etc.) for which traditional methods for regulating anxiety are difficult to deploy. The start-up has set itself the goal of providing products and services enabling these individuals to control their conditions, to improve their cognitive availability and, as a result, their general well-being and to what extent they are involved in their care and support. The technology developed by Ullo combines physiological computing, tangible interfaces and augmented reality, delivering a method centred around multisensory stimulation and relaxation techniques. In physiology, these interfaces are known asintrospectibles, and constitute a research field in their own right.

 Currently used in facilities supporting a range of different types of individuals, our devices provide healthcare professionals with new treatment options. Used in conjunction with traditional strategies, they can really raise the quality of care

Rémy Ramadour

Cofondateur de la startup

From technology to product

Ullo : inner garden
© Inria / Photo C. Morel
© Inria / Photo C. Morel

One of the main bodies for providing financial support to start-ups, IT Translation contributes to the economic development, the reach and the appeal of projects with their roots in both public and private research likely to be of interest to stakeholders in the digital sector. Its model puts technology at the heart of the value proposition, helping to convert cutting-edge expertise into innovative and marketable products or services.

  • romoting current digital therapy devices across the country
  • taking advantage of international opportunities in the USA and in Japan
  • developing their next range of PhyXR (PHYsiological eXtended Reality) products, which radically simplify the construction of experience and both biofeedback and neurofeedback devices, offering a wide range of input combinations, treatments and representation and interaction methods, using physiological and cognitive data.

Ambitious research goals with a significant societal and economic impact

Having begun life within the POTIOC project team at the Inria Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest research centre, Ullo retains close ties to their original laboratory. Its niche is in tangible interfaces connected to physiological signals, a research field that remains relatively unexplored. Through physical objects that can be used to learn, interpret and employ physiological data, these systems provide users with a lyrical, sensory-based experience.

Ullo came about as a result of unusual work undertaken in relatively unexplored areas, proving that research that may seem surprising at first can have a significant societal and economic impact 

Martin Hachet

head of the Potioc project team who were responsible for setting up the project

Prior to getting its own laboratory and launching its prototypes directly on the market, Ullo will be participating for the second year running at the CES in Las Vegas, running from 7th to 10th January. Chosen by the authorities of the Nouvelle Aquitaine administrative region, the start-up will present the final version of Inner Garden, its flagship product, while also demonstrating its new range of products.