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Inria and Alliances

Alliances avec inria © Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli

As set out by national research and innovation strategy, the alliances are in charge of transforming the strategic aims into consistent sets of programmes, thanks to the reflection and coordination of the different players involved in research. Inria is a founding member of Allistene, a member of Aviesan and an associate member of the Ancre alliance.

ALLISTENE: the Alliance of digital sciences and technologies

Allistene was created on 17 December 2009. It brings together the major national players in digital sciences and technologies: Inria, the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the French atomic energy commission (CEA), the French University Presidents’ Conference, the French Telecom Institute and the Conference of directors of French engineering schools, with the task of coordinating and scheduling public research in the field.

Six programmatics groups, corresponding to six major research fields, have been designated:

  • modelling, simulation and complex system control
  • architectures, algorithms, programming, system safety and security
  • signals and telecommunications, networks, the internet of the future
  • human-system interaction, content and uses
  • nanoelectronics, nanosciences for the information and communication sciences and technologies
  • integrative research, technological research and system integration

François Sillion has been CEO of Allistène since January 2018. Claude Labit, Inria research director, is also Chairman of the Alliance.

Aviesan: the Alliance for life and health sciences

Life and health sciences are today at the core of a number of challenges, be they scientific, technological, sanitary, social, economic, etc. Created in April 2009, Aviesan’s objectives are to coordinate strategic analysis, scientific programming and the operational implementation of research on life and health sciences. The alliance favours transdisciplinarity (from biology to I.T. via engineering sciences), whilst ensuring clinical, economic and social optimisation of knowledge. These objectives are implemented within the 10 multi-body institutes. Inria is a member of Aviesan.

Ancre: national alliance of research coordination for energy

Research within the energy field is crucial for growth and employment in France. It is also plays a key role in light of the urgency of the climate challenge. Created in July 2009, the ANCRE is placed under the responsibility of the ADEME (Agency for the environment and energy management) and is keen to promote New Energy Technologies. The aim of the ANCRE is to reinforce partnerships between public research bodies, universities and businesses, propose multi-annual R&D programmes and facilitate the adoption, by producers and consumers, of best practices relating to energy, which respect the principles of sustainable development. Its founding members are the CEA, the CNRS and the French Petroleum Institute (IFP). Inria is an associate member of the ANCRE.

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