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Digital challenges

What is the role of computational science research in tackling the big challenges faced by society in terms of the environment, health and the dissemination of knowledge?

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Strategic plan


Inria draws up its strategic plan for with the aim of contributing, in its field of scientific expertise, to meeting the social and economic challenges of our time. The plan sets out scientific priorities and explains the institute's ambitions and objectives.

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Inria and Alliances

In accordance with the national research and innovation strategy, alliances  are tasked with transforming strategic aims into consistent sets of programmes, through coordination of the different players involved in research. Inria is a founding member of Allistene, a member of Aviesan and an associate member of the Ancre alliance.

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A lab on a European scale

Creating new services and developing new technologies in sectors like quality of life, cities, energy and media is the goal of EIT ICT Labs, a major European laboratory. In collaboration with its 22 other European partners, Inria plays a key role in the operation of this European laboratory working for the benefit of citizens.

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Free software

Logiciel libre

Inria and free software

Research, innovation, technological development... Inria's strategy on free software concerns all of its activities. One symbol of the efforts made by the institute in the field of free software is the recent creation of the Initiative for Research and Innovation in Free Software, IRILL. Here are some explanations of the approach adopted.

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