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Working as a researcher at Inria

© Inria - Photo Kaksonen  © Inria - Photo Kaksonen

Inria today employs numerous researchers: research directors, junior research scientists, post-doctoral researchers and PhD students. Every year the institute recruits by means of a competitive exam, contractually, on secondment or by delegation and to university-Inria chair positions.

Working as a research director or junior research scientist at Inria

Working as a researcher at Inria :

  • Means contributing to the progress of computer science , in response to society’s major challenges, particularly in the fields of health, environment and the economy.
  • It also means working within a team , often interacting with the industrial world, with a technology transfer objective in mind.
  • It means exploring ideas, conceptualising projects , experimenting, publishing research and validating it within the international scientific community .
  • It also means contributing to sharing knowledge  with civil society and raising awareness  amongst young people as to what a researcher’s job entails.

Access by means of a competitive exam

Every year, Inria recruits research directors (DR2) and junior research scientists (CRCN) by means of a competition.

Competition procedure:

  • Registration:  usually between mid-December and mid-February.
  • Preselection of candidates : The jury studies all of the candidates’ applications. After deliberation, the jury compiles a list of the candidates eligible to continue in the competition and notification is sent to these candidates for interviews.
  • Interviews and deliberation to decide on eligibility : the next step is the candidates’ interviews. After deliberation, the jury compiles a list of eligible candidates.
  • Admission results : a second jury, the admissions jury, then compiles a list of successful candidates.

The timetable for each entrance competition and the results are posted on the Inria website.

Hosting on secondment

Every year from January to March, Inria conducts a campaign of temporary assignments and appointments by call for proposals.

  • Working on a temporary assignment : if you are an engineer, a state education teacher, research-lecturer or civil servant for one of France's major government bodies, Inria can host you on a temporary assignment within one of its research teams.
  • Hosting an appointment  for research-lecturers: Are you a university lecturer? Or a professor at a university or a French Grande Ecole? Are you a specialist in I.T., applied mathematics or another discipline and wish to strengthen your connections with the field of digital sciences? Inria can host you on an appointment in one of its research centres.

"University - Inria" teaching-research joint positions

Inria has joined forces with partner universities and Grandes Ecoles to recruit research-lecturers within the framework of the "University - Inria" joint positions programme.

The aim of this programme is to attract new scientists to work on topics jointly defined by Inria and its academic partners (universities and Grandes Ecoles) within the framework of a joint scientific policy. The successful applicants are recruited to the position of lecturer and placed on appointment to Inria for a period of five years. The joint positions offer the successful candidates significant advantages in terms of scientific activity and in pay conditions. These positions allow them to devote their time principally to their research project, within an appropriate scientific environment.

Being a PhD student at Inria

Being a PhD student at Inria  means grasping the opportunity to carry out a professional project in line with your own personal aspirations, within a high-quality study and working environment. As they prepare their thesis, the PhD student acquires and develops transferable knowledge that is recognised within university and industrial circles. As well as being the final stage of their university studies, the PhD also represents the first stage of their professional career.

That is why Inria offers PhD students a central role by placing them at the very heart of the research dynamic, within the teams and in direct contact with the industrial partners.

Every year from February to May, Inria launches a PhD student recruitment campaign. Priority is given to those candidates with mobility experience and whose thesis subjects are relevant to the institute’s priority fields.

To answer the offers, you can simply apply online on our specially dedicated website.

Being a post-doctoral researcher at Inria

Being a post-doctoral researcher at Inria  means deepening your knowledge and perfecting your development within the research team a high-quality study and working environment.within  into the heart of a research team, the post-doctoral researcher acquires the skills of a top-level researcher within the field of computer sciences. They make the most of Inria's close ties with industrial partners and international institutions. Post-doctoral research is an important first step in a scientist's professional career. That is why Inria offers post-doctoral researchers a central role by placing them at the very heart of the research dynamic.