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Holders of Inria International Chairs

Inria is keen to encourage long stays – several weeks to a year – by eminent international researchers in its project-teams and give them better visibility, by defining an "Inria International Chair" programme covering 12 months spread over 5 years.

The list of candidates in the Inria International Chairs program.

Name Position Host project-team Topic Years
John Canny Professor - University of California, Berkeley (website) WILLOW Interactive Robotic Agents for Preschool Learning 2013-2017
Pierre L'Ecuyer Professor - Université de Montréal (website) DIONYSOS Methods and Tools for Effective Stochastic Simulation 2013-2017
Victor Vianu Professor - University of California, San Diego (website) DAHU Data‐Driven Collaborative Workflows 2013-2017
Paul Bressloff Professor - University of Utah, Salt Lake City (website) NEUROMATHCOMP Mathematical modeling and analysis of continuum neural fields 2014-2018
Mathieu Desbrun Professor ‐ CalTech, USA (website) TITANE Efficient conversion between real, digital, and abstract representations of shapes 2014-2018
Thierry Coquand Professeur ‐ University of Gothenburg (website) PI.R2 Formal development of univalent mathematics 2014-2018
Robert Davis Senior Research Fellow -­ Department of Computer Science, University of York (website) AOSTE Integrating Mixed Criticality into Cyber Physical Systems (IMC-­‐CPS) 2014-2018
Pierre Vandergheynst Professor - Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Suisse (website) PANAMA Fondations théoriques et algorithmiques du traitement du signal sur des graphes 2014-2018
José Leon Professor- Central University of Venezuela (website) AIRSEA Identification de paramètres et autres problèmes inverses pour les équations différentielles stochastiques 2015-2019
Dennis Shasha Professor - Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University (website) ZENITH Data Science in Dynamic World 2015-2019
Deborah Agarwal Senior Fellow – Berkeley Institute for Data Science, University of California Berkeley (website) MYRIADS Workflow, user centered design, and data management as well as mobile applications for data science 2015-2019
Fredo Durand Professor - MIT, USA (website) GRAPHECO A probalistic approach to forward and inverse computer graphics 2016-2020
Kim Larsen Director of CISS - Center for Embedded Sofware Systems, Danamark (website) TAMIS Specification and analysis of systems 2016-2020
Marcelo Wanderley Professor and William Dawson Chair in Music Technology - University de McGill, Canada (website) MJOLNIR Expert interaction with devices for musical expression 2016-2020
Miguel Anjos Professor and Canada Research chair Director - Ecole polytechnique of Montréal, Canada (website) INOCS Power Peak Minimization for the Smart Gird 2016-2020
Raouf Boutaba Professor - University of Waterloo, Canada (site) MADYNES Monitoring of Softwarized Networks/Orchestration in Softwarised Networks/Cloud Resource Provisioning and Managment 2017-2021
David Marcum Professor - Mississippi State university, USA (site) GAMMA3 Unstructured Mesh Generation 2017-2021
Paul Smolensky Professor - Johns Hopkins University, USA (site)   Contribute to the development of a Fifth Generation of Artificial Intelligence: AI-5 2017-2021
Rajesh GUPTA Professor - University of Californie, San Diego, USA (site) TEA End-to-end System Co-design 2017-2021

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