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Technicolor uses public-sector research to boost innovation

In June 2009, INRIA and Technicolor signed a five-year partnership agreement covering research into image processing, and particularly 3D image processing.

Economic and scientific challenges

To carry out exploratory projects in areas of research and innovation interest to Technicolor, including:

  • Enhanced Media Programme (3D, content encoding): Develop a new attractive 3D technology and improve the quality of audio and video content.
  • Media Production Programme (access to data streams and content): New techniques for content searching and access.
  • Media Delivery Programme (home networking): Innovative ways of distributing media content and services over home networks.

Expertise was made available in the following fields: Data compression, networking, security, and signal acquisition and processing.

Research topics and projects

The research was primarily funded by CIFRE grant contracts covering the following topics:

  • Object detection and behaviour analysis in video sequences.
  • Distributed storage in large-scale social networks.
  • Improvements in interactivity and sensorial feedback in multimedia content.
  • Data aggregation in large-scale distributed systems.
  • 3D movement detection in gesture analysis and animation.
  • Compressed sensing in the manipulation of large-scale multimedia databases.
  • Multimodal analysis of video content for Video on Demand (VOD).
  • Watermarking for the protection of animated 3D meshes.
  • Spatio- temporal linear embedding for epitome-based video compression.
  • Floating point HDR video compression.
  • Incremental processing for large-scale platforms.

Main results obtained to date:

Twenty-five patents were filed jointly by Technicolor and INRIA between 2011 and 2014.