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Microsoft Research - INRIA Joint Centre: Research for e-Sciences

The Microsoft Research - Inria Joint Centre shared research laboratory was established on the 11th January 2007 following a period of collaboration dating back over several years. The aim of the shared laboratory is to undertake long-term research into formal methods for software security, and data processing methods and tools applied to scientific research.

This partnership began in 2005 and was renewed in 2009 and 2013.

Economic and scientific challenges

  • Creation of a ‘Wikipedia of mathematical functions’ intended for widespread use. 
  • Automatic protocol verification methods for distributed systems, with special emphasis on encryption for communications security.
  • Analysis of image and video archives using advanced artificial intelligence techniques.
  • Machine learning applied to social networks, video data processing (especially medical), and interactive visualisation.

Results obtained to date

  • Formal demonstration of the Feit-Thomson theorem on group theory, with applications in many current scientific fields including quantum mechanics, cryptography and crystallography.
  • Construction of data recognition systems for digital media, with applications in  archaeology and the conservation of historic records.

Keywords: Microsoft Research - Inria Joint Centre Strategic partnerships Formal methods Joint lab Software security Machine learning