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Google: Inventing the web services of tomorrow

Google and INRIA signed a partnership agreement in June 2013. The aim is to strengthen research cooperation through targeted responses from INRIA to project calls issued by Google, especially the Research Awards, Focused Awards and the PhD Fellowship programmes.

Economic and scientific challenges

  • Images and video: Indexation, discovery, and scene recognition.
  • Interactive visualisation and tools.
  • Machine learning.
  • Semantic web, metadata and multimedia formats for virtual cultural management.
  • Public datasets.
  • Web privacy.

Research topics and projects

  • Peer-to-peer networks.
  • Parallel processing.
  • Virtual analysis and representation.
  • Video annotation derived from film scripts.
  • Adaptive wide-spectrum Machine Learning.


Five INRIA teams won Research Award between 2009 and 2012:

  • Regal: Peer-to-peer networks.
  • Mescal: Parallel processing.
  • Aviz: Virtual analysis and representation.
  • Willow: Video annotation derived from film scripts.
  • Sierra: Adaptive wide-spectrum Machine Learning.

A Focused Award was granted to the ASAP team in 2013. Discussions and project ideas by other teams are also at an advanced stage. These include:

  • Perception, cognition and interaction: Gravite, Oak, Texmex, Metiss, Wimmics, Mostrare, Orpailleur, Lear, and Cidre.
  • Networks, distributed processing, and systems and services: Score and Privatics.
  • Applied mathematics, and processing and simulation: Alea and Sequel.

Keywords: Research awards Focused Award Strategic partnerships Phd Fellowship Google