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Agreements signed with the academic world

Accord INRIA -Cemagref

Inria is extending its relations with different players in the field of digital sciences by creating partnerships with universities, private institutions, engineering schools and research organisations. The aims of these partnerships: to simplify cooperation between researchers and to encourage the emergence of centres of excellence in France and around the world in this field. Consult the list of agreements signed with our main academic partners.

Universities, Leading institutes and Engineering Schools

Beginning Universities, Leading institutes and Engineering Schools End
January 2015 Université Lille 1 December 2017
January 2015 Université Lille 3 December 2019
December 2014 École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne December 2018
January 2014 École Centrale de Paris January 2018
January 2014 ENS Rennes December 2016
October 2013 UTT December 2016
September 2013 Université libre de Bruxelles September 2017
January 2013 École des Mines - Université de Nantes December 2016
July 2012 Université Rennes 1 December 2016
June 2012 Université Lille 2 December 2019

Research Institutes

Beginning Institutes End
June 2016 INRA 2020
April 2015 CNRS April 2019

Autorités administratives indépendantes (AAI)

Beginning AAI End
2011 Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL)  

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