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François Dazelle, Director of Administrative, Financial and Asset Affairs

François Dazelle © Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli

François Dazelle will be taking over from Laurent Azoulay as Director of Administrative, Financial and Asset Affairs (DAFP) as of 7 September 2015.

As of 2011, he had been in charge of the Administration and Finance Division of ANSM, the French National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety, a public body set up to promote equal access to innovation for all patients and ensure the safety of health products.
François Dazelle, a graduate of ISG, an international business school, held a number of positions working for local authorities in the Île-de-France region during the first part of his career. These included:  Head of Finance and Management Control, then Managing Director of Services in Saint-Gratien (1998-2001), Director of Finance, Management Control and Economic Affairs in Pontoise (2001-2002) and Director of Finance and Public Procurement Contracts in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (2003-2008).
As of 2008, he managed administrative and financial affairs in various public bodies, starting with INCa, the French National Cancer Institute. This is a public interest group tasked with coordinating scientific research and combating cancer. It does not employ researchers directly, but provides funding for research teams through national calls for projects. Still in the healthcare sector, he joined ANSM, the French National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety, in 2011.
At Inria, François Dazelle takes over as head of the DAFP, the Administrative, Financial and Asset Affairs Division. The DAFP supervises and coordinates administrative matters at Inria, in particular setting the budget and ensuring that it is properly implemented, defining and applying financial management and contract monitoring procedures, coordinating and implementing Inria’s purchasing policy, ensuring project ownership, carrying out financial administration, and assisting users on the administrative, financial and assets information system. François Dazelle will lead Inria’s assets and property policy, drawing on his experience in real estate issues in his previous positions.

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