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Inria's Board of Directors

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Inria has a Board of Directors whose responsibilities are fixed by decree no. 2014-801 of 16 July 2014 amending decree no. 85-831 of 2 August 1985 relative to the organisation and operation of the Institute.

Its role

The mission of the Board is to deliberate on the major strategic lines of the Institute and its scientific, technological and knowledge transfer policy. It also deliberates on measures relative to the organisation and general running of Inria: internal regulations, budget, annual activity report, loans, acquisition or leasing of premises, acceptance of donations or bequests, agreements creating long-term commitments, involvement in bodies with legal personality, creation of subsidiaries and acquisitions or disposals of financial holdings, private or public-sector contracts, royalties and remuneration paid to the Institute, legal proceedings and settlements.

The Board of Directors consists of the following people:

  • The Chairman , who is appointed by decree for a five-year term, renewable once;
  • Seven Government representatives appointed by the Ministers of Research, Industry, the Budget, Higher Education, Defence, Foreign Affairs and the Digital Sector, respectively.
  • Nine personalities :
    • two figures in the digital and automation industry, appointed by the Minister of Industry;
    • three scientists appointed by the Minister of Research;
    • two figures representing the world of work, one appointed by the Minister of Research and the other by the Minister of Industry;
    • two figures chosen to represent the users of the technologies within the areas of expertise covered by Inria, appointed by the Minister of Industry.
  • Four representatives of the Institute staff or their deputies , including two researchers, elected in accordance with the order of the Ministers of Research and Industry.

The Board members are appointed for a five-year term renewable once by joint order of the Ministers of Research and Industry. The chairman of the Scientific Board, the Deputy Managing Director(s), the Financial Controller and the Accounting Officer attend Board meetings in an advisory capacity .

The Chairman of the Board can also convene any person whose presence he deems useful to attend meetings in an advisory capacity.

Its members

Chairman: Bruno Sportisse, Chairman and CEO of Inria

Government representatives



Alternate Members


Elisabeth Vergès

DGRI (Research)

Patrick Garda

DGRI (Research)

Maurice Renard


Caroline Ollivier-Yaniv


Mathieu Weill

SEN/DGE (Industry)

Cédric Nozet

SEN/DGE (Industry)

Olivier Grumelard

DGE (Digital Economy)

Angélique Girard

DGE (Digital Economy)

Nicolas Hengy

Budget Department (Budget)


Christine Marteau

DGA (Defence)

Jacques Turbert

DGA (Defence)


MAE (Foreign Affaires)

Guillaume Pons

MAE (Foreign Affaires)

Appointed members

Michel Bidoit

CNRS – INS2I (Research)

Sylvie Retailleau

Universy of Paris Sud (Research)

Yvon Maday

Laboratoire Jacques Louis Lions (Research)

Laetitia Gazel Anthoine

Connecthings (Industry)

Gérard Roucairol

Teratec  (Industry)

Jehanne Savi

Orange (Industry)

Gilles Le Calvez

Pôle Systèmes de visibilité Valeo (Industry)

Agnès Paillard

Aerospace Valley (Representing the world of work)

Bernard Jarry-Lacombe

CFDT Cadres (Representing the world of work)

Elected members - Representatives of the scientific personnel, engineers, technicians, and administrative staff



Alternate Members


André Seznec

SGEN-CFDT (A College)

Eric Tannier

SGEN-CFDT (A College)

Philippe Mussi

SNCS - FSU (A College)

Julien Diaz

SNCS - FSU (A College)

Christine Leininger

SNTRS-CGT (B College)

Edmonde Duteurtre

SNTRS-CGT (B College)

Laetitia Grimaldi

SGEN-CFDT (B College)

Pascal Chouisnard

SGEN-CFDT (B College)

Advisory capacity

Eric Preiss

General auditor

Magali Valière

Inria acting accounting officer

Guillaume Prunier

Deputy CEO for Administration

Jean-Frédéric Gerbeau

Acting Deputy CEO for Science

François Cuny

Acting Deputy CEO for Innovation

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