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Marcel-Paul Schützenberger

Marcel-Paul Schutzenberger

A mathematician and psychiatrist, he was appointed as a member of IRIA's board of directors in 1970..

A professor at the Faculty of Sciences in Paris, he is considered to be a real mathematical genius. In 1955, he wrote a well-received article on "an algebraic coding theory". In collaboration with Noam Chomsky, he published an essential theorem in the new domain of Context Free Language (language that can be described using grammar with no context). At the head of IRIA's "logic and theory of PLCs" department, he built a programme which followed on from his research in pure mathematics. However, he remained particularly critical with regard to the concept of artificial intelligence and devoted a significant proportion of his time to studying new families of algorithms in collaboration with Maurice Nivat. As a member of the board, he was, like Jacques Louis Lions, invited to give his opinion on IRIA's plans for decentralisation. In June 1988, he was elected a member of the French Academy of Sciences.

Keywords: Marcel-Paul Schützenberger Langage non contextuel Logique Artificial intelligence Jacques-Louis Lions Décentralisation