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François Baccelli: network wizard

Portrait François Baccelli ©-INRIA-Photo-A.Eidelman

A graduate of the ENST, he submitted a PhD thesis in 1983 on "probabilistic models for distributed systems". He joined Inria in 1987. He led the research group on modelling and simulation of computer systems at the Sophia-Antipolis research centre until 1998. Today, he heads up the TREC project-team.

François Baccelli worked for several years on the development of mathematical models for data transfer control (TCP protocol). His research on networks attracted the attention of Pierre Bernhard and Gilles Kahn, members of Inria's scientific council.

Currently, his research focuses on the analysis of mobile-radio networks using random geometry methods. Within the TREC team (a joint team with the ENS), he is pursuing work on the modelling and control of communication networks. Having won several prizes and awards (Prix France-Telecom in 2002, IBM Academic Award in 2004), he was elected to the French Academy of Sciences in 2005.

Keywords: Modèle Gilles Kahn Modeling Académie des sciences (French Academy of Sciences)