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André Danzin: leading the way in technology transfer

Portrait André Danzin © INRIA

An alumnus of the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique, André Danzin was a major player in the Plan Calcul, among other major French industrial projects. He was appointed Director of IRIA in June 1972 by Maurice Allègre, the government's head of computer science at the time.

Convinced that the development and sustainability of IRIA depended on its ability to conduct "useful research", he promoted collaboration with industry and technology transfer. He relied on scientists and teams who had already embarked upon this path to help him implement his plans. He appointed Jacques-Louis Lions as Director of LABORIA (Computer Science and Control Research Laboratory). He made Michel Monpetit his assistant director, as well as head of SESORI (Department for the consolidation and orientation of computer science research). During his eight years in charge of IRIA (1972-1980), he remained focussed on developing the institute and promoting researcher mobility. A pragmatic man, André Danzin considered IRIA as a "small DGRST (directorate-general for scientific and technical research), specialising in computer science and control, and the principal instrument of the government's computer science policy in terms of research, the dissemination of knowledge, and training "

Keywords: André Danzin Plan calcul Maurice allègre Michel Monpetit Industry Transfer Jacques-Louis Lions