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The Inria - French Académie des sciences Young Researcher Award

This prize rewards a scientist under 40 years who made a major contribution through its research , transfer or innovation to the field of computer science and mathematics (Grant: € 20,00).

© Inria / G. Scagnelli

Inria Awards 2018

Pierre-Yves Oudeyer : Inria – French Académie des Sciences Young Researcher Award

Can artificial intelligence help us to better understand natural intelligence? Pierre-Yves Oudeyer cultivates a vision of artificial intelligence that is as close as possible to the living world. A vision in which machines are at the service of humans. His guiding principle is looking to mechanisms of intrinsic motivation to enable humans and machines to progress in autonomous learning.



© Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli

Inria Awards 2017

Mazyar Mirrahimi : Inria - French Académie des sciences Young Researcher Award

From Tehran to rue Simone Riff in the 12tharrondissement of Paris, with periods in Pasadena, and Yale, Mazyar Mirrahimi has travelled extensively and met many people along the way. However it is his remarkable academic career and pioneering research on quantum systems measurement and control that earned this Research Director and leader of the Quantic Team the Inria Young Researcher Award.



© Inria / Photo G .Scagnelli

Inria Awards 2016

Karthikeyan Bhargavan : Inria–French Académie des sciences Young Researcher Award

Citizen Press - 21/11/2016

Karthikeyan Bhargavan, an Inria director of research specialised in the security of data exchanges on the Internet, has just received the Inria Young Researcher Award. This latest award comes in recognition of his excellent knowledge of programming languages, Internet protocols and cryptography. He has followed an unusual career to acquire this interdisciplinary expertise.



© Inria / D. Grandmougin

Inria Awards 2015

Véronique Cortier : Inria–French Académie des sciences Young Researcher Award

AB - 24/09/2015

A specialist in network security protocols, Véronique Cortier devises solutions today that will make digital life more secure tomorrow. Her work includes the development of Belenios, an open source voting system. She adheres to the credo that trusting one’s computer is generally a bad idea.



Paola Goatin Inria / Photo Y. Obrenovitch

Inria Awards 2014

Paola Goatin: Inria - French Académie des sciences Young Researcher Award

LH - 6/10/2014

Paola Goatin, a member of the Inria Opale project team, is a mathematician who conducts research with very practical applications to optimize road traffic and manage crowds. While she has sometimes wondered about the prospects that could offer her taste for mathematics, she has always followed her instincts. This has brought her a great deal of success, including the Inria – French Académie des sciences Young Researcher Award showing Paola Goatin that she has made the right choices.



Anatole Lécuyer

Inria Awards 2013

Anatole Lécuyer: Young researcher Inria - Académie des sciences award

Currently head of the HYBRID team, Anatole Lécuyer was recently awarded the lnria - Académie des Sciences (French Academy of Sciences) young researcher prize. As well as considering this reward a personal honour, he also views it as a form of recognition for his research fields, virtual reality and brain-computer interfaces, which are still relatively "young" and little-known.



Francis Bach - © Inria / Photo J.M. Ramès

Inria Awards 2012

Young researcher Inria award: Francis Bach

Isabelle Bellin -

A trained mathematician, Francis Bach has become an internationally acknowledged specialist in the field of statistical machine learning. A field he has been boldly exploring for some ten years now. His research at the interface between applied mathematics, statistics, and computer science finds applications in an impressive variety of domains, such as artificial vision, processing of audio signals, bioinformatics, and cerebral imaging. 



Bruno Lévy  © INRIA / Photo C. Lebedinsky  © Inria / Photo C. Lebedinsky

Inria Awards 2011

Bruno Lévy, a pioneer of digital geometry

As the first winner of the Inria Young Researcher Award , Bruno Lévy sees himself, once again, comforted in his groundbreaking choices to associate applied mathematics and IT to model 3D objects using a computer, whether for video games or for digital simulation.