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"Starting Research Positions"

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Inria hire in 2019 starting researchs scientists for a three-year contract. Recruiting starts as soon as february 2019 (9 Starting research positions).

To apply, you must first create your candidate space.

Registration conditions

  • Have a French doctorate or an equivalent  international degree;
  • From 2 to 8 years'experience in research (after the thesis);
  • No age or nationality conditions.
  • Before writing their research program, the applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the teams or project(s)-teamsleaders concerned by their applications.

As part of its diversity policy, all Inria positions are accessible to persons with disabilities.

Recruitment process

  • Eligibility:  Inria ensures that each applicant fulfils the registration conditions.
    Note: submission of the application file results in an acknowledgement of receipt which does not imply that the candidate is eligible.
  • File selection:  a committee reviews applicant files and draws up a shortlist for interviews.
  • Interviews:  pre-selected applicants are interviewed. After deliberation, the committee compiles a list of selected applicants to the CEO.
  • Ac ceptance results:  the chairman and CEO draws up the list of selected applicants after the interviews.

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