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Careers in Management

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Are you a specialist in public procurement? Or an accounting manager? Inria offers a wide range of jobs to support its research activity. Put your talents at the service of our Institute so that together we can face the major digital challenges of tomorrow's society.


From coordinating a division to managing a research centre, Inria proposes opportunities in strategic management and in contact with industrial, scientific and economic ecosystems. These positions are open to internal Inria mobility and transfers within the civil service through temporary (and renewable) assignments, or renewable fixed-term civil service contracts.

Industrial partnerships and transfer

Each centre has a Technology Transfer, Innovation and Partnership Unit (STIP), which is responsible for promoting and organising partnerships between project teams, on the one hand, and companies or national and international universities, on the other.

The Technology Transfer and Partnerships Officers’ main role is to orientate and support scientists, for example with qualifying and protecting software programs and patents, the transfer of research results and assistance setting up innovative companies!

Intellectual Property

Transfer, partnerships, contracts, software protection... None of this would be possible if it were not for intellectual property lawyers.
Lawyers can also contribute to discussions on how the law is changing in our increasingly digital world and the related ethical issues. Both at the research centres and in the Legal Affairs department, lawyers have the following duties:

  • providing legal advice and conducting legal monitoring for the Institute,
  • protecting the interests of the scientific community,
  • developing and implementing suitable procedures.

International Relations

The European and International Partnerships Department, in conjunction with the Partnerships Units at the regional research centres, strive to ensure that Inria scientists are working with the very best research teams from Europe and around the world. They are tasked with establishing and strengthening partnerships, and attracting and recruiting promising students and young researchers.

On the European side, many Inria project teams are participating in European framework programmes. They are strongly involved in FP7 and the Horizon 2020 programme, with the both European and International Partnerships Department and research centre units contributing to the teams’ projects when it comes to administrative, legal and financial matters.

Human Resources

Participating in and developing Inria’s HR policy means proposing structured, sometimes innovative solutions to integrate under the best possible conditions those who will make Inria a leader in its field. Whether it’s by supporting staff on a daily basis, through recruitment, training, or careers and social development guidance, or by ensuring excellent administrative management with regard to careers and salaries, Inria offers you the opportunity to improve your technical ability and professionalism in a stimulating work environment.

Financial management and accounting

These are vital activities for Inria to operate and include budget monitoring, financial management of income and expenditure, procurement and related policies, accounting, cost measurement and management control. The Finance and Assets Department supervises and coordinates Inria's administrative and financial affairs. It actively contributes to compliance with accounting standards. Within research centre financial affairs units, research contract officers are in charge of supporting project leaders with administrative and financial matters when responding to calls for projects, and with the administrative and financial monitoring of contracts, particularly by providing funders with supporting documents. In the Shared Expenditure Department, the officers in charge of team budgets handle all of Inria’s expenses, while the invoicing unit (of the Accounting Office) deals with everything from settlements to paying expenses.

Support staff, research team assistants

Support staff and research team assistants (AERs) are an important link in the internal organisation of research project teams and their interactions with the other Inria units. In addition to their administrative assistance duties, AERs work closely with international researchers to provide support in organising seminars, conferences, cooperation and various partnerships.

Inria recruits throughout the year through competitive examination (in April - June) or on a contract basis.

Practical information & the recruitment process

Find information on the recruitment process, pay, career progression and much more on the following web pages:

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