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Interns and apprentices

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Every year, Inria takes on interns (students at any level and engineering students) in its research teams and support departments. Students interested in doing an internship at the Institute should be drawn to the digital sciences and the public research environment. Inria research teams and departments also take on apprentices. Read on to learn more about the conditions and provisions for taking on interns and apprentices.


Internships at Inria are an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of research, in direct contact with researchers. Over and above the Institute's scientific work, interns discover the inner workings of a research institute, learn how it fits into the international research community and how its research has an impact on major developments in society.

Most of the offers posted are for internships at the end of five years of higher education. For other internships, however, you are welcome to send an unsolicited application to team leaders or department heads.

Research internships

Every year, Inria takes on students completing degree courses (or the equivalent of three years in higher education), or who are in the final year of master’s courses (or the equivalent of five to six years in higher education) in one of our research fields:
•    Algorithmics, programming, software and architecture
•    Bioinformatics, biophysics, engineering for living systems, health, the environment
•    Mathematics, computation and simulation
•    Perception, cognition, interaction
•    Networks, systems and services, distributed computing

What we are looking for
  • A good level of English (you must be able to read scientific articles and hold a conversation with colleagues)
  • An inquiring mind and good work organisation
  • Adaptability and reliability (you must meet your commitments)
  • An awareness of what it takes to work in a team
  • The duration of the internship (generally between four and six months) and the period are written in the internship agreement.
  • During your internship, you will be part of a research team. You will take part in the team's R&D activity. You will be supervised on the job by one of the scientists in the team.
  • In some cases, the internship is combined with a fixed-term employment contract, remunerated up to the level of the statutory minimum wage.

You can see the current offers for research internships. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with our research teams' subject areas and browse their websites to see their activities and the fields in which they work, then contact the teams you are interested in directly.

End-of-course internship (M2), usually within a support department

These four to six-month internships provide valuable professional experience and are not limited to carrying out prescribed tasks. Interns are expected to be able to work alone, be rigorous in their work and have a sense of responsibility. Internship offers are posted regularly.

Other end-of-course internships (after three years of higher education) or mid-course internships

For these one to three-month internships, interns are assigned a variety of tasks and assignments, depending on their training and educational level, and on the host organisation. We recommend that you approach the research centres or teams directly (see Regional contacts). Internships lasting up to two months are not necessarily paid.

Observation internship for career guidance

Each year, Inria takes in secondary-school students at the French "troisième" and "seconde" level (i.e. not the final year of secondary school) for their observation internship (1-2 weeks). The formalities and the openings vary with the centre and the department. For further information, contact the human resources offices at the research centres or at head office, or the units concerned. Regional contacts.


Inria is a public establishment that accepts apprentices in its research teams (development engineers, students doing a master’s in computer science). It also accepts apprentices in its support units (communication, financial management, human resources, building maintenance, quality, etc.), for levels from a vocational training certificate up to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Come for a rewarding experience, working at the heart of scientific research!

If you would like to contact us to discuss the feasibility of doing an internship at Inria, please be ready to provide the following information:

  • The amount that your training establishment intends to bill us (we will have to budget for this amount in the year of your internship). We are not liable for the apprenticeship tax. We have to pay all or part (between 30% and 100%) of the training costs directly to your training establishment.
  • Confirmation that you meet the age criterion: maximum 26 years of age.To help us draw up a job description that would satisfy your request and our requirements, should your request for an internship be accepted, we would be grateful if you could also provide the following details:
  • Your course programme and the course level
  • The frequency and duration of your time in the workplace
  • Your current level of knowledge and skills in your intended specialisation.
  • The apprenticeship contract is a three-way contract between the apprentice, the employer and the training establishment.
  • The duration of the contracts can range from six to 36 months, depending on the length of the training course.
  • Statutory pay is based on the apprentice's age, the level of completion of the course and the level of the training course. It is generally between 25% and 78% of the statutory minimum wage in France. You can calculate your remuneration on the website of the work-study scheme.
  • The eligibility conditions are:
    • Aged 16 to 25 (this age criterion does not apply to people with a disability)
    • Be enrolled in a training course through an apprenticeship training centre

Whatever the host structure (research team or support department), apprentices work in the same work environment as their colleagues and a qualified tutor oversees their progress.

For further information, please contact the relevant person in charge or the Human Resources Department.

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