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Inria's Disabled Workers scheme

Application rééducation gestuelle pour personnes handicapées  © INRIA / Photo C. Dupont

Inria has chosen to pursue an active policy of encouraging and facilitating the recruitment of disabled workers. The Institute has implemented an integration policy which values training, skills and work experience.

Recruitment process

Three access routes are open to disabled workers:

  • The competition  is the normal method for applying for public service positions. Special test arrangements can be made for disabled people upon request, depending on their disability. Examples include 33% extra time for written exams, use of a computer or assistance from a secretary.
  • The award of a contract with a view to subsequent certification as a public service worker : this procedure, set out in Decree 095-979 of 25 August 1995, allows disabled people to access public service positions without going through a competition. After a one-year fixed-term contract, which may be renewed once, the worker may be granted incumbency as a public sector worker after examination of their case by a professional panel. At Inria, people are recruited in this way during recruitment campaigns aimed at attracting workers from elsewhere in the public sector.
  • The award of a contract with no possibility of subsequent certification as a public service worker  : Throughout the year, Inria offers fixed-term contracts in its research support and research functions, as well as PhD and post-doctoral research placements.

Inria provides a personalised integration and support service to disabled people employed on such fixed-term contracts.

Inria's disabilities policy

Inria has opted not to reserve specific positions for disabled workers. All positions at the institute are open to disabled people. Inria provides personalised support to workers during the recruitment and integration process and throughout their career. In addition, a training programme tailored to the needs of each employee is offered as soon as they take up their position, to facilitate their integration within Inria.