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Careers in communication, production and dissemination of knowledge

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How can the digital sciences be shared with the general public? Imparting a scientific culture in the digital sciences is one of the tenets of Inria’s public service mission, and today it is a crucial issue in a society transformed by digital technology. So how can we make digital science more accessible? Our communication, digital culture and publishing services publicise the work of the research teams and consider the pedagogical and educational issues.

Communication and digital culture

The communication team contributes to organisational changes and participates in the main initiatives of internal and external communication, highlighting Inria’s activities, disseminating knowledge and making it available to the general public. By ensuring a good flow of information, and by developing strategic, scientific and technical content (annual activity reports, strategic plans, etc.), the Communication Department works closely with Inria’s other departments.

Join us and help Inria's digital culture department transmit and disseminate the scientific, social and cultural debates being shaped in the digital sciences. From professional sectors (industry, tertiary, education, etc.) to recreational and civic activities, you will participate in the creation of a scientific culture and accompany the changes in our society.

Scientific information and publishing

Scientific information and publishing support scientists in the enhancement of their work, from bibliography to publication, by providing them with practical resources (supply of documents, deposit in open archives, creation of journals, etc.). The open access policy is one of Inria's themes of discussion about the future: it encourages and promotes free access to the scientific production of research teams.


Contribute to the development and delivery of online courses through dedicated resources aimed at all audiences, whether or not they are scientists. For Inria Learning Lab, innovation also means new forms of education in technology and improving learning.

Inria recruits through competitions (April-June) or through contracts throughout the year.

Practical information & the recruitment process

Find information on the recruitment process, pay, career progression and much more on the following web pages:

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