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Being a member of the research support staff

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Are you an IT project manager? A public procurement specialist? An accounts manager?..  Inria offers a wide array of jobs supporting its research activities. Why not offer the institute the benefit of your talents to help meet the big digital challenges of the society of tomorrow?

Networks and information systems administration

Being a networks and information systems administrator at Inria is a service-oriented role in which you will be in constant contact with researchers, departments and users.
You will develop and implement IT solutions suited to the needs of our research teams and services. You will provide IT support, and deploy and administer hardware and software resources. You will guarantee the security of data and accesses, and the continual availability of applications. You will coordinate the institute's information system and ensure that it develops to meet growing needs.

Technology Transfer and Innovation

Being a Technology Transfer and Innovation Engineer at Inria means developing partnerships with industry and promoting technology transfer and business creation in the field of computer science.
You will promote Inria's research activities and put research teams into contact with economic, social and institutional players.
Your work on technology transfer will help the results of Inria's research to have an impact not only within the academic sphere but on society as a whole.
We need you to help us pursue an ambitious software development and distribution policy, by making our research utilisation activities more professional and more systematic. But we also need you to increase our presence and involvement in international standardisation bodies.

Human Resources

Working in Human Resources at Inria means not just administrative management, but also developing the talents of all staff members. HR's roles include recruitment, staff mobility, management and skills development. By joining us, you can help to promote a professional policy that fosters motivation and fulfilment for all.

Finance and accounting

Being a finance and public accounting expert at Inria will give you the opportunity to use your skills in a variety of fields: accountancy, budgeting, audit and management control, internal control, income and expenditure tracking, etc.
Our institute is in the process of modernising its management system and processes. This is an opportunity for you to join a major research player that is developing fast.

Legal Affairs

Being a lawyer at Inria means ensuring compliance with the various regulatory procedures and standards. Through constant monitoring of the legal situation, you will ensure that the institute and its employees can conduct their projects with total peace of mind.
Your expertise will make you a valued adviser, whether it be within a purchasing and public procurement department or with our researchers, helping them with contracts as part of start-up creation and partnerships.

Departmental or research-team assistants

Being an assistant at Inria is a rewarding and varied job which will require you to liaise constantly with internal and external contacts. As a pivotal part of a service, department or research team, you will be responsible for welcoming and monitoring employees, relaying information, managing travel, organising some scientific seminars, monitoring budgets, managing diaries, and writing and formatting documents.

Logistics and General Site Maintenance and Management

Being a Logistics and General Site Maintenance and Management expert at Inria  involves maintaining or improving the working environment of Inria staff. This highly practical role requires great versatility and covers a variety of activities: from minor maintenance operations or day-to-day repairs, to the complete renovation of buildings, from managing mail to buying furniture.

Communication and documentation

Working in communications at Inria involves addressing a wide variety of audiences: scientists, students, industrial groups, public decision makers, opinion leaders, the general public, and institute staff. The job covers a variety of activities which contribute to awareness of Inria: raising the institute's profile, promoting understanding of computer science research, transmitting information and mobilising staff around major projects.
Being an information officer at Inria involves contributing to the institute's provision of scientific and technical information to the international scientific community, and to the enhancement of the institute's profile. To do this, the information officer must use the best possible means to ensure that researchers' publications are widely available: creation of dedicated portals, provision of tools, management of these spaces, etc.

European and International Relations

Working in International Relations or European Partnerships at Inria means strengthening scientific collaborations with elite foreign partners, supporting the activities of the research teams at European or international level, and making Inria a major player in the international scientific community. This work at international and European level is very much in tune with the developments occurring in the outside world and with the overarching directions of research policy, and requires a comprehensive understanding of research today.

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