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Luce Brotcorne: "Moving around broadens the mind"

Luce Brotcorne Luce Brotcorne - © Inria

Luce Brotcorne is a research scientist in Lille. After ten years of teaching, the decision to move into research was a lifestyle choice for Luce, who is expecting her second child.

What is your role within Inria?

Computer science researcher. I work in operational research, which involves modelling and solving real-life problems. Personally, I work on revenue management problems, and more specifically the determination of different price levels (airline tickets, hotel reservations, car hire, etc.). It's a very rewarding subject to work on as it affects everyone. It is also of interest to businesses: I have lots of contacts and meetings outside the institute, while continuing to teach and collaborate with other teachers abroad, as a member of a ten-strong project-team.

What was your background before taking up your current position?

I did a PhD in operational research at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. I then did a post-doc at CIRRELT in Montreal, before working as a lecturer at the University of Valenciennes for ten years. I have just been recruited as an Inria research scientist in an external competition. This will give me more time for my research project, as combining research and teaching is difficult.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying for a similar job?

Move around! Don't set your heart on being a research scientist straightaway: go and see what's going on in other places and get experience of different problems. It's an important way of broadening your mind and maturing. Be passionate about your work, and be willing to put the time in. Like all interesting jobs, it's got its upsides and its downsides.

Keywords: Financial computing